Mark Hudis Promoted to Future True Blood Showrunner

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Mark Hudis has received a promotion on True Blood.

As first reported by Deadline, the co-executive producer will step up and take over the HBO series once Alan Ball departs following season five, assuming True Blood is picked up for a sixth season, that is.

Ball announced in late February that season five would be his last.

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Hudis has been with the series for two seasons and also signed a developmental deal with HBO.

True Blood, meanwhile, returns on June 10 and you can catch up on True Blood Season 4 in our episode guide section.

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Great! Maybe there will be less wasted plot lines.


I also hope this will be the end of the Bill-love affair and more focus will be put on other more interesting vampires.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Considering after the S4 the show can ONLY go up from where it is(hint: its quite down...not as bad as TVD, but still), this can be very good sign. Honestly, hopefully with Ball gone, Mister BHEEEEEL won't be put into every and any plot line to ever exist.


This should be interesting.
I'd like to see some change in this show. Hopefully a new showrunner will do this.
In regards to True Blood getting picked up for a sixth season, I am expecting it. As well as a 7th and 8th. Possibly a 9th.
It's one of HBO's highest rated shows during the summer. Depending on what the most prominent characters leaving (Sookie, Bill and Eric) would depend on the show continuing.


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