Michael Weatherly to Guest Star on Major Crimes

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TNT's forthcoming Major Crimes has landed a major guest star in NCIS' Michael Weatherly.

In an early, Season 1 episode of The Closer spinoff, Weatherly will play Arthur “Thorn” Woodson, a charming con artist working as an ”intuitive life strategist” for a group of Israeli mob wives (all of whom he is bedding).

Described as a “Peter Pan with an A.D.D. problem,” Thorn previously worked as a hand model, a ventriloquist and a blackjack dealer. His dream is to someday land his own show on Oprah's fledgling cable network OWN.

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“Arvin Brown is directing [the episode] - he’s done many NCIS episodes,” Weatherly tweeted.

Major Crimes, which was officially announced at this month's TNT Upfront presentation, premieres Monday, August 13 at 10 p.m., immediately after The Closer finale.

Weatherly, meanwhile, is in the midst of negotiating a contract extension with his main employer. His current deal, along with those of co-stars Sean Murray and Pauley Perette, expired at the end of NCIS Season 9.

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I love Michael Weatherly on NCIS. THE entire cast is so perfect together as a team. Want them all to stay. Michael, though cast as a very different character on Major Crimes, will be an asset and enjoyment. He is a great character on NCIS, love his old movie quotes. He is a very handsome man, cute, funny and entertaining. I am happy he will guest on the new Major Crimes. You go Mike !


I hope Michael Weatherly IS NOT leaving NCIS. I hope they are not making any changes. IF the pot is NOT broken why fix it..
ALSO, what has happen to the young man that played Gabriel on closer? He needs to be on Major Crimes to complete the show..


Michael will still be on NCIS he's just a major guest star role....on Major Crimes.


Oh, no! They're not killing off DiNozzo again this season? Maybe next year. Hia Major Crimes character doesn't sound like much of a stretch, does the con man also endlessly quote old movies? Now to be fair. I've seen Michael Weatherly act in other stuff and he's a good actor. I just hate Anthony DiNozzo. On the other hand, he sounds like he's been slightly typecast here.


@Michael the actor is not leaving. He just does a guest role on a TNT show because it seems like he isn't travelling during this NCIS hiatus.
I am certain he will return. He loves NCIS too much to leave it and also called it NCIS HIATUS in the tweet where he announced his guest role


yes!!! can´t wait..


That`s cool that hes guest staring on another show. I just hope he gets waht he wants with ncis and he signs an returns to ncis


Way to go Michael Weatherly maybe these show will treat you better Man we need to get him on Sasha Alexander show next's.................NCIS is not going to be the same without you Michael we will miss you.

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