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For an Emmy-winning show that had a pretty mediocre season, I'm totally shocked to say that I think "Baby on Board" might've been my favorite Modern Family episode of all-time.

It had it all. The true mark of a perfect sitcom is a show that can take you from laughing to crying in a matter of seconds - and this episode served up plenty of that. And all with a super surprising ending!

Jay Helps Lily

By the way, this picture is so adorable I can't handle it! Lily is usually pretty annoying and I know I'm not the only one who thinks that because I read all of your comments. The moment I teared up was actually when Jay was dancing on stage with Lily, not when Cam and Mitchell were lying down at the gas station.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure Cam and Mitchell gave me plenty of ammo, but my eyes weren't actually watering until Jay was up there with his granddaughter doing some jazz hands.

Jay and Manny are a hilarious duo and they play off of each other wonderfully. I wonder how they will react to Gloria's news. I think it was the perfect antidote to offset the disappointment of watching Mitchell and Cam have an adoption fall through yet again. While the hospital scene was amusing to watch, because we all know Jay has a secret obsession with Spanish soap operas, it was evident that it wasn't going to end well.

Did anybody else suspect Gloria was pregnant? I kinda thought Jay would've had a vasectomy. Maybe that was just a weird assumption on my part.

Over at the Dunphy household, poor Alex was getting picked on for being a little bit dorky. I feel you girl. I was not the hot sister growing up. I think Alex will come into her own by the time she is a senior, though, and she won't be saying things like "I'm gonna hook up all over him." However, her line about her date being gay and not knowing yet was amazing, "I'm basically his beard, pre-beard, stubble..."

For more Pritchett-Dunphy one-liners, and there were a lot tonight, go to the Modern Family quotes section.

It's always nice to see Claire and Phil on the same team. I especially love when they reminisce about the old days. Phil teaching Alex how to dance had me giggling a bit, but not as hard as their speech to Haley about how miserable her life would be if she and Dylan moved in together. Sorry, but that was so on point. The sheet as a divider and bootleg bookshelf? Amazing.

Well, it turns out they didn't have to worry since Haley did get into college, Luke was just hiding her acceptance! Who else used to intercept the mail as a kid? Luke had a phenomenal collection in his room: the birdhouse he blew up at the dude ranch, Claire's coupon for the gun range, a ton of report cards, a ticket for the red light he and Manny missed when they stole the car. Whoops!

Great end to a great episode. What did everyone else think? Hit the comments and we'll see you next year!


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I'm a full grown man, and I was in tears when Jay and Lilly were on stage. I mean we sort of knew it was going to happen but nothing prepares you for that moment. This scene encapsulates all of the reasons I love this show so much. It has heart. Even the contrary personalities have genuine affection for each other. While the hospital scene was funny, that underlying horror was waiting, wasn't it? Through all of the melodrama, you could feel Cam and Mitchell's hearts breaking. Awesome show. Best sitcom ever.


I totally did not see Gloria's pregnancy coming!! It never, ever occurred to me that she and Jay might have a baby. I agree, MF had a mediocre season, but this finale was great! It's hard to say who Manny is funnier with: Jay or Luke? Anyway, I'm really looking forward to next season now!


oh my gosh! the final cliffhagger was stunning, im sure that is not gonna help cam and mitchell beside increase jealous. leaving a kid with 2 grandparents (jay and manny) was hilarious, i suspect that both are gonna pass out when they hear the news from gloria.


Fantastic episode! Loved it, and like you, I also loved how it made me laugh and then feel sad all in one episode. Haven't done that in years. And I loved the Spanish soap opera type scene at the hospital; That was hilarious!
Overall, the season was not as good as the last two seasons, but I still loved it, and I can't wait for more next year.


Best episode of the season hands down. It had everything and I am literally dying for the show to start again in the fall. Better make do with reruns and my box sets until then.


this season was alright, wasn't the best, but that episode was brilliant. It was really funny, and i loved the surprise at the end :) ill defo be tuning next season :)

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