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Kensi and Deeks shippers must have been jumping for joy with the opening of NCIS: Los Angeles tonight. Though there had to be others like me saying, "No, no, no. It has to be for a case. Undercover mission ... please!"

And, then ... Phew. (I didn't see any previews, so I didn't know they were undercover.)

Deeks & Kensi Undercover

In the end, there was something for both fans that want these partners to get romantic and also for those who don't. I fall in the later group, but this episode may have moved me a little more towards understanding why people want them as a pair. Kensi and Deeks possess some amazing chemistry.

Their bickering was so true that it seemed like they really were married. But, while it was hilarious to watch, it doesn't necessarily form a solid basis for a relationship. They work well together as partners; that's how it should remain. That kiss, however? Wow. Deeks definitely felt something. Did Kensi feel something too or was her denial legit?

The highlight of "Neighborhood Watch" was watching Kensi and Deeks work so closely while living together. The case itself was not very compelling. And the neighbors were so obvious that it was a little embarrassing that neither agent realized what was going on. Was it bad writing? Or were they just so distracted by each other that they missed the clues?

The gay neighbor with the itty bitty dog was clearly involved. It was obvious when he chased after the animal when Deeks left the Russian sleeper agent's house. Even more ridiculous was that they didn't catch on that their dinner hosts were swingers.

Despite those minor annoyances, the episode was tons of fun to watch and a nice departure from the usual heavy life or death situations that the boathouse crew handles. Nell's dating site, Romancing the One, popping up on the screen was a nice complement to the main story.

As I've mentioned before when Nell flirted with Nate, I may not want a Kensi-Deeks romance, but I'd love to see Nell and Eric hook up. She's given Eric plenty of hints and he finally reciprocated by giving her his dating profile. Plus, he bought her 46 years of Football Trivia. So cute, yet does he not know her at all?

Overall, I loved this episode. It was pleasant and light-hearted to set up the finale next week, which is sure to be intense with a humongous cliffhanger.

Which couple do you want to see hook up?

A few of the funny highlights. You find more in our NCIS:LA quotes section.

Callen: I don't think my soul mate is a mouse click away. | permalink
Kensi: Is that a fanny pack?
Deeks: No, it's a bro-sack. | permalink
Kensi: And, take that off.
Deeks: All right.
Kensi: (gasps) Oh, my God, not your pants.
Deeks: What? Oh, my bad. Thought you wanted me to take my pants off.
Kensi: I can't believe you just did that. | permalink


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I love Kensi and Deeks together and I really hope they hook up as soon as possible, Deeks is just the guy Kensi needs to be happy and vice versa she is the girl for him and I get that the writers don't want to go there too soon, but the writing is awesome and I definitely doubt that being in a relationship would ruin their amazing chemistry, so I say Densi for the win, they work as a couple as the episode has clearly shown,
Oh by the way yeah for the kiss and the moment when both remebered what the other was wearing when they first met, was just beyond perfect, my little shipper herat literally melted and I'm rooting for them now even more than I already used to.


I do not think this was a great episode because Kensington and Deeks were so oblivious to their absurd case. I dislike them as a couple almost as much as Gibbs and Dr Ryan. Icky. Many more episodes such as this one, and I might have to see what NBC is running


Brilliant episode.
These 2 have great chemistry.
I would love to see them get together as it would be amazing to see them working together as a dating couple. But its okay if it happens in season 5 or so. I don't believe the UST can continue for a long time without them getting together. In that case, they should just remain friends like Kono and the guys in H50.


I'm also the latter. Great as partners but not romantic partners. I also feel the same way about Jane and Lisbon (The Mentalist) and Ziva and Tony (NCIS)great as partners but not hooked up romantically (and who says they have to hook up can't they be platonic?)


Wow, I really loved this episode. I love Deeks and Kensi, but I'd hate to see them get together. It would ruin the partnership. But I love when they hint at their crushes for one another; it's really cute to watch! And their chemistry was what got me watching NCIS: LA in the first place, so it's still my favorite part of the show. The issue with the store-bought Snickerdoodles was one of my favorites in this episode - that, and the part when Deeks aimed his gun at the neighbor's kid. As well as, of course, the undercover kiss, which put the most hilarious expression on Deeks's face.
I can't wait for the season finale next week! And though, judging by the promo, it doesn't look like Deeks or Kensi dies, one can't be sure. I love all the characters, but I especially hope it's not one (or both) of them that is written off.


Great episode. Yes, I agree, Deeks & Kensi were really adorable together. On the other hand Nell and Eric are anointing and childish. Don't like them.


I thought Kensi and Deeks were adorable together, however, it did not change my mind. I still don't like team members being involved romantically. That does not mean that they can't flirt here and there, which is what they do.
I also could not believe that they did not get that the couple were swingers.
As far as not seeing the gay neighbors as the Russians, I thought all were suspects, that was the idea of the episode, to find out who really was. As it turned out all, but the swingers and the mom with the 2 boys weren't involved. Callen and Deeks are taking a page from H50's McG and Danny, with the bickering. They seem to be doing this more often the last few episodes then they have in the past. Can't wait to see the finale.


love the chemistry between ALL the partners. I don't think Eric can ever have a real girlfriend until he buys some big boy pants. Of course, CBS loves keeping there "tekkies" looking like characters (pls note Abbie who I love but is actually in her 40s wearing goth teen outfits). Pls allow him a few steps toward being a grownup, maybe some shoes or a man shirt.


Toward the end when they were at the couple house and they went to arrest them and they were in all that bango stuff was funny


Fun episode, and like the review says, a welcome bit of fluffy fun before what is sure to be an intense finale! I'm not a Kensi/Deeks shipper, but I certainly can't deny their chemistry!

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