NCIS: Los Angeles Season Finale Review: Checkmate

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The previews for the NCIS: Los Angeles finale made it seem like we would be losing a member of the boathouse crew. And, we did, just not as expected.

While "Sans Voir" was not nearly as thrilling as last year's finale, it will certainly have greater ramifications for the team. One similarity between the two endings was that Hetty submitted her resignation. Last year, it didn't stick, will it this time around? Lauren's murder and Callen's loss of control may be the push she needed to leave NCIS for good.

NCIS: LA Team in Action

This two-hour episode had a similar problem to the Hawaii Five-0 and NCIS: Los Angeles crossover: each hour consisted of two very different cases that were then tied together with a sliver of story.

In this case, the Chameleon was the ultimate "big bad" in both hours, but his involvement with the Mayfields didn't make much sense. Although, it did feature the desired effect of bringing Callen and crew into the case.

The first hour was pretty boring even for a regular episode. I don't specifically remember Renko from the first season, so his death while unfortunate didn't have any emotional pull.

The second hour picked up the pace with the execution of Lauren Hunter. Her death definitely caused some pain on the team. Even though they didn't like her at first, she was a member of their family. It caused Hetty, the formidable Hetty, to break.

The Chameleon knew all the pieces to play to get what he wanted. He was winning the game, but he underestimated the damage he was causing along the way. He manipulated NCIS into negotiating (doesn't our government have a no negotiation policy?) payment for Atley even though the undercover agent had already been compromised. But he didn't count on Callen going rogue.

Wow! Callen really lost it, didn't he? Will he be sent to Levenworth now? He killed an unarmed man, in front of civilians, a television crew and the police. It doesn't get much worse than that. With Callen's face plastered all over the news, his undercover status is forever compromised.

No one from the team was killed in the finale, but they lost one of their own in Callen. He decided to dole out his own justice and with that he may have lost everything. I'm at a loss for how Callen can get out of this. Sam needs his partner and NCIS would be worse off without him on their team, but his action seems irredeemable.

Do you see a way for Callen to return to the team after executing the Chameleon? What about Hetty, will she return? It will be a long wait until fall to find out what happens next.


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i think the team (especially sam) will help callen to get out of that ,and i think it will be a hard time for callen :-( but he has sam and hetty,but i think she quit her job(again) did she ?? i have to watch it again ...


Fake killing at the end and a two hour finale that only needed one hour, at best. Is Callan going undercover or does The actor need extra time away during seasons? At least it was a much better episode than the pitiful episode from last week in the suburbs.


I think the ending was all a set up so NCIS could give the Chameleon to the Israelis. And Callan's horrified look as he saw his face plastered everywhere is just him realizing he is done with undercover work. NCIS Los Angeles would not be the same without him.


Way too predictable wrapup. Cops and camera crew conveniently on site. No blood despite six shots -- including final up close kill shot (Kenzie checking his pulse? puh-leeze). He will be bundled up and handed over to Israelis (we never saw the two agents again after they were "arrested"). Death was faked for sake of Iranians and Granger. Ditto Hetty's "resignation". Clear that Granger is about to be exposed as the leak; Hetty would have been able to find out why Granger was "called away" to Washington. Also, Granger was sniper in team with Kenzie's dad.
Alas, Hunter and Renko are really dead, because Chameleon is really scumbag.
Big deal is that Callen's face is all over the world (and Internet as that final image goes viral, so he is done as undercover.


I will have to watch this again but I do hope this was all a hoax and that the chameleon is not dead just because I don't want Callen going to jail.I however don't see how they are going to get around the undercover thing tho. It would be hard to be undercover now that you were just on the news for shooting someone.


I don't balame Callen. The chameleon was granted immunity by Granger from prosecution meaning he would not be charged with Hunter and Renko's killings and Callen wouldn't have it.


The only thing we know for sure is that the concept of NCIS:LA was based on Callen's story, the same way NCIS is based on Gibbs. I don't know how he gets out of it (although I'm liking the theories in the comments), but I know he does. Callen does not get written out of the show at this point. The show would collapse. It would be the same as if Gibbs had actually retired back at the end of season 3. Everyone else on the show has subplots, but none of them function on their own.


I have to agree with Gwezo76. This has everything to do with Granger. I'm not sure if it was my imagination or not, but after Callen shoots Lambert the camera pans to Granger and I noticed a slight, very slight grin of satisfaction. It made my wonder whether it was staged. Motives? There are several. Maybe Granger is out to get Callen for some unknown reason (and there could be millions) or whether Granger is trying to fish out Callen's father. After all, he did say he was going to DC about an agent and when asked why, he was as cagey and deceptive as always.
I loved the finale with all its inconsistencies and far-fetched ideas. Its a fun show to watch in which one can lose themselves in characters that ARE fictional. Can't wait til September!!!!!


@SomeRandomGuy NCIS and NCIS: LA both restart in September.


When will the next season begin? Does anyone have any idea?

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