NCIS: Los Angeles Review: The Four Angels

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Tonight's NCIS: Los Angeles was different than normal, thanks to Danny and Chin Ho visiting from Hawaii Five-0 in the conclusion of a two-part crossover. (If you haven't checked it out yet, read Jim G's "Pa Make Loa" review)

NCIS: LA and H5O Team Up

"Touch of Death" worked well, but the crossover was a bit of a mess. Even though they were tracking the same small pox, the cases were very different. Back in Hawaii, it was all about Comescu, but then it took an odd shift from Jarrod Prodeman selling to Dr. Holden in Los Angeles.

The connection between the experiments that Jarrod was doing, Comescu and then the sale of the small pox to Dr. Holden seemed far-fetched. Then, throw in the gang funding Dr. Holden and it was overly complicated and difficult to follow at times.

Dr. Holden was misguided in her mission, but her argument about the elimination of small pox is an intriguing one to consider. The world's population continues to increase and that is in a large part due to our ability to fight disease. If humans continue to defeat these population regulators, then what will happen? Overpopulation and starvation? Or, new, more deadly illnesses?

Outside of the actual case, the crossover was fun to see. On both Hawaii Five-0 and NCIS: Los Angeles, the collaboration between the two teams was authentic. The characters didn't seem "off," which often happens when they appear on other shows with different writers.

Instead, Danny and Chin immediately felt like part of the boathouse crew. Even though they were serious about the case, they were included in the team's normal banter. And, they gave it as good as they got.

Danny even got the coveted overheard by Hetty talking about her moment. Hetty may be short in stature, but she can definitely draw the fear of the strongest men, including Danny. Who was more afraid: Danny of Hetty? Or, Deeks of the small pox vaccination? Tough call! I guess it would have to go to Deeks, since he actually hit his head.

While there were quite a few funny moments - like those or Deeks and Danny having hair wars - the highlight of the episode was the conversation in the car between Sam and Callen. I hope Sam didn't jinx Callen by saying the only way he would retire was from a bullet. Ouch. Sam has a family and a life outside the job, but Callen is the job.

What a pleasant thought it was to imagine Callen chilling out in retirement. Pleasant ... but definitely odd. What hobby should Callen pick up? And anything to do with guns, knives or fighting doesn't count. Scrapbooking would be hilarious to watch. Maybe he should take up cooking. That could be the first step in actually creating a home.

Did you enjoy the crossover? What were your favorite moments?

Would you like to see another Hawaii Five-0 and NCIS:Los Angeles crossover next season?


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A new cop show with Chris and Scott playing partners would beat both h50(which I will continue to watch) and ncisla(which I will still not watch) like many of the others on here.


I love both shows so watching the xover was a given. I thought the LA side of it was sometimes harder to follow, whereas the Hawaii side flowed more smoothly. The writers for both shows did a very admirable job! Deeks and Danny's hair wars were hilarious as was the cargument between Sam & G. I think G and Steve should retire together cause they're so much alike! What a show that'd be!! Hmm, Deeks or Danny more afraid of Hetty. Def Deeks. Danny deals with Steve all day so he can handle anything that little powerhouse could throw at him! It was a great crossover and hope TPTB will consider doing another one next season.


I must admit I watched this because of H50 but now I love it and will watch it regularly. I think this brought more fans to NCIS LA. Good going. These writers seem to be far better than H50. I also think the actors all get screen time as opposed to H50 where some only are used for background. I caught some reruns of this show as well and the storylines seem to be fresh and exciting. It would appear your fanbase will be growing :)


I am not an NCIS-LA regular at all ( I've been with NCIS TOS from the pilot) but I was really wondering what this had to do with the Navy??? Every case for the most part on NCIS has a Navy/Marine connection even the terrorism ones... These guys just seem like LA-50 to me...

Uss biddle dlg 34

I got suckered into watching because of the carry over from 5-0..... OMG, this program has its version of the super annoying DeBozzo.....sniffing out co worker chick...
Won't be back !!!!

Sarah silva

This was my first time watching NCIS LA. While I do not know if I will watch it again, unless we get another H50 cross over, this time with Steve then I will tune in.
I have to say that I think Deeks is super cute and funny! He is the Danny of NCIS LA!
I loved it when Deeks and Danny tried to out Deeno each other (get it)? HA!
Everything Deeks said form when he was getting the small pox vaccine, to his banter with Kenzie, to talking about Robo Kenzie, it was all awesome!


I love both shows. I'm glad they had Hetty show Danny who is boss in LA. I loved seeing Deeks and Danny banter back and forth about hair styles. The car seen with Callen and Sam really reminded me of Steve and Danny on H50. H50 calls them carguments, for those who don't watch. I liked how Kensi tried to flirt and Deeks calls her on it. I also expected Comescu to go back to LA, and I was shocked that they killed him off in Hawaii. Other then that I thought the small pox story line flowed well. Both teams have their similarities. I also thought that the characters stayed true to themselves, the writers did well with that. I would like to see another crossover, next time McGarrett and Sam can do their Seal thing.


I enjoyed it! I agree with Carla's review, neither team seemed out of place on Part 1 or 2, the personalities & banter meshed very well. I agree the Comescu angle was dropped rather suddenly, but the small pox threat still made for an exciting storyline throughout. I wonder if Danny will actually name his car "Winifred" (personally, I think he should opt for "Henrietta"!) If they do another crossover in the future, I'd love to see McGarrett join in the fun, it would be great to see he and Sam banter about old times.


I don't watch NCIS: LA. the only reason I watched it today was because of the crossover. And I must say I enjoyed it. I hope next time, Steve McGarrett would join the crossover. It'd be more fun! Also, Sam and Callen reminds me of Steve and Danny. In this episode at least. A great crossover it is :)


I enjoy it a lot my favroite part is when Kenis said she sleeps naked:) also I like what deek said how we are all alone and were still trying to find way to kill each. I felt like NCIS LA threat was bigger then NCIS so it would of been cool next week to see it meantion on the mothership. Way to go NCIS LA/Hawaill Five O

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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 3 Episode 21 Quotes

Danny: Can I help you with something?
Deeks: Just thinking about your hair. Is it bulletproof?

Callen: You know what I'm doing after we get this guy?
Sam: What's that?
Callen: I'm getting a hobby.
Sam: Maybe you should start scrapbooking our cases.