NCIS Season 10 Spoilers: What Comes Next

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The surprising, potentially tragic finale of NCIS Season 9 left lives at risk, the agency's offices destroyed, and 19 million viewers reeling. The repercussions of Dearing's terrorist plot were far-reaching, to say the least.

What can we expect next fall when NCIS returns for Season 10?

With so much up in the air, executive producer/showrunner Gary Glasberg discussed the fate of Ducky, who collapsed in the final seconds of "Til Death Do Us Part," what's next for Tiva, and much more from the finale.

Excerpts from Glasberg's chat with EW below:

Ducky on the Beach

On the "true" cliffhanger: "[It's] not the kind of thing you can do every year, but in this instance, we thought it was right and appropriate. We’ll pick things up with [Dearing] at the beginning of season 10."

"We'll wrap it up pretty quickly - we’ve done that before as well. It’ll probably get wrapped up in the first episode. And then we’ll get into a series of self-contained story lines after that."

On when NCIS Season 10 picks up: "I’ve been playing with this idea of picking up a few hours after we left off. And then somewhere around the middle of the episode, [jump ahead] and get us back into real time."

"This show has always sort of played itself in real time, so we’ll have to figure out a way for us to get us there, and I think I’ve come up with something."

On the fate of Ducky (and Palmer): "David [McCallum] and I talked about it for months, and he’s been preparing for it. He was absolutely 100 percent willing to play along, and we wanted to be very secretive about it and keep it under wraps, and it’s really going to give his character a new perspective on life coming back from what he experienced."

"I’m not going to play games with people. People know he signed a new contract and he is coming back, so it’ll be more about the way the character evolves and the fact that he’s got Palmer there to help him."

"As a medical examiner who deals with the dead, and deals with death on a daily basis, to have an experience like that is significant. And we’ll play that throughout the season.

DiNozzo and David

On what's next for Tony and Ziva: "I wanted to make sure there was at least one Tony/Ziva moment in the finale and I think that it provided that. The only other thing I’ll say is that it was no accident to put them in the elevator together in the end. So, we’ll have to see where that picks up with them in the season opener."

On the team's wedding gifts: "Having this team work together as a family is so important to us and it’s really important to the fans. I wanted to make sure that that moment was there - I didn’t want to rob people of the chance to experience some of the wedding, even though we weren’t going to see our people attending it."

"So the thought was to create that little moment in the squad room where we could see them interact as family members. And I hope it was successful. It was a nice little moment for everybody and the gifts were hopefully indicative of who they are. So I’m glad it came through."

On Scott Wolf's role in the finale: "I was really pleased with the way that arc progressed ... it was done in a way that only someone like Scott could pull off. He started off as sort of the standard villain but developed all kinds of complexity as the season went on into this fantastic moment of redemption for himself."

On the (possible) return of Jamie Lee Curtis: "We started playing around with this mysterious background of her ex-husband, from the get go in Season 9. We’ll have to see where it takes us and how it unfolds."

"The beauty of NCIS is that we can step away from a character for a very long time and revisit it down the road. That was very much a goodbye that happened between Ryan and Gibbs, and we’ll have to see how things unfold when we might be able to see her again."

UPDATES, 6/11-8/31:

  • Rocky Carroll (Vance) will be back this fall, having signed a new contract, as will Brian Dietzen (Palmer), who just earned a long-overdue promotion to series regular.
  • Michael Weatherly, Sean Murray and Pauley Perrette have all SIGNED NEW DEALS for Season 10, and beyond; they came to terms on two-year contracts in July.
  • Tony and Ziva will open the season trapped in the elevator ... by design.
  • Glasberg says the show may take things further with Tiva this season.
  • Robert Wagner and Daniel Luis Rivas will return as guest stars in the fall.
  • Billy Dee Williams has booked a guest role as a friend of Gibbs and his dad.
  • Jamie Lee Curtis is not coming back in the premiere or foreseeable future.
  • A psychiatrist will examine the team in the second episode of the season.
  • Palmer will step in as acting medical examiner after Ducky's heart attack.
  • Here are the first photos of the Season 10 opener, "Extreme Prejudice."
  • The first sneak peek of the episode is out! Check out the new footage!

UPDATE, 9/11:

Aside from obvious relief at the revelation that everyone will be back, what do you think these hints entail for next season? Share your thoughts on the finale, and NCIS Season 10, in the comments!

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bring them all back please they are an amazing cast and are very loved by fans. I have loved David Mc Callum since his Man from Uncle Days gorgeous.
Cannot wait for series 10 to start will wathc reruns until then. Lve you NCIS xxx


What an ending. Love the show love the cast. ever they want just give it to them. It wont be the same with out the same cast


Phew just read what to expect in series 10 please please please don't get rid of any of them,NCIS has gota be the best show on TV all the cast are so great together I love the way they all bond so well.


I was close to tears and sat on the edge of my seat in the last scene with Ducky...I was screaming at the tv "You can't kil Ducky off.." nevermind any of the other main characters, to many shows have killed...removed main characters and the show has never been the same,especially when it is such a close knit group as that in the team Gibbs, I think if any of the cast were written out i would have serious doubts as to wether i would continue to watch it...I hope they bring back Jamie Lee Curtis's character Dr Ryan as she was good for Gibbs despite their differences, i think thats what made them so good for each other,they challenge each other.
Tony and Ziva part of me wants them to get together but if they do i feel they might lose some of the banter that goes on between them...and that would damage the show...but them stuck in the lift together i think will ultimatly bring them closer together as friends.
What about poor mcgee and the Director...well from what i recall they weren't caught in the main blast zone, but it did show them flying through the air in the offices,so likely cuts and bruises maybe a few broken bones?
Abby and Gibbs in the main blast zone,I think that showed a true father like figure of Gibbs towards Abby not just caring friend and co-worker...that he threw himself over her was him sheilding a daughter and very nice hidden meaning there i feel from the creators, It does make you wonder how many more bomb blasts poor Gibbs can go through though...I await the arrival of season 10 to come to the UK...and I am sure it will be just as good as ever...
LONG LIVE NCIS and the Team that make it what it is :)


So glad Ducky will be back but you have to bring them all back,I just Love LOve Love NCIS.


I really love ncis brill ending to season 9.i would really love to see tony and ceva get to geather.please dont change the cast their perfect together.glad to hear ducky wil b ok.cant wait til the next season starts.we r behind in northern lreland


omg i cant wait till series 10 i sooooooooooooo love ncis best show ever,missing it already so hurry with series 10 please!!!!




loved season such a hurry for season son and me want pauley perette in season 10 it wouldn't be the same without her...we love her and gibbs relationship in the programme .......massive hoping agent gibbs will be back to......the man is a babe..mmmwwwaaahhh


cant wait for season 10 in uk when is it due to be shown love ncis gibbs and team are the best

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