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The Nick and Jess scene with the coyote was hilarious! I totally thought they were gonna kiss. I loved Winston's fear of the dark! Oh, and Cece calling Schmidt out on the White Fand was tooo good!!!!


I LOVE New Girl! I have seen every episode and have yet to not LOL! So sad the season is over. :( Can't wait for next season!!


Fantastic finale! Fine form, I'd say. I feel such a kinship with this group - the music they play, the jokes they make, it's great. Also, Winston does make the most of every second he has on screen - his delivery on most of his lines is fantastic.


I have watched New Girl since the first episode and would like to comment that most writers don't know how to write for Black actors. They forget that they are just like other actors. I think Shonda Rhimes has done a good job in her shows. I love the Winston xter but he disappears in the show like Charlie did sometimes on the West Wing- but look at him now on Psych, he is great.


Not a good finale at all....Disappointing!!!


I would NOT like to see Nick and Jess in a romantic relationship either. It's too obvious, and a little awkward. What are they going to do if they break up in later episodes?it'll be the weirdest vibe in the gang. Please don't have a Ross and Rachel relationship.

And I also agree with Winston. Where the crazy did his girlfriend go? It was like he hit a peak in his life and then went off to abyss, because apparently you can't go anywhere after you got the perfect girlfriend and perfect job. There better be some hidden secret or plot twists with this one or just something with this one. Not cool to be part of the main cast that just delivers the occasional funny lines.


Tick Two with the approval TV series of the year.

I definitely think the emphasize of a future Nick/Jess relationship seemed mildly obvious from beginning to end of the episode. The romantic aspect was from the close-ups, proximity during their talks, and the whole needing to look out of the window from Jess.

As for Winston, while sorrowfully being placed as a token/side character, had the best lines and comedy of the episode. From needing a night light from the Boogey-man and the scenery of the creepy crawly from the wild. Rango would be proud. Here's hoping his character gets an actual story-arc.

An as for CeCe and Schmitt's SL was sweet but brief as well. The White Fang story played better with the Calling of the Wild plot than Nick's I believe.

Overall, it was nice to end in a AC/DC frenzy of 'Shaking' Me All Night Long. Dean Winchester would smile too.


LOVE Nick and Jess together!!! I kinda thought they might kiss in the desert but I must wait til next season. Cant wait for it to come back on!


I thought the episode was okay and pretty funny in lots of places...I elect to think that Jess was trying to keep Nick from his bad plan as a loving friend, not as a woman in love. I think it would be a horrible idea for them to get together and I like the roommates as a team against the world.

I absolutely despised the manufactured strife between Schmidt and Cece. It's just such a hackneyed gimmick, suddenly a jealous boyfriend. Blecch.

I'm right there with you about Winston. The actor is really funny, and the character is interesting. It's like they can't really think of anything to do with the guy. What happened to his girlfriend, anyway? They've just left him out in the cold. I hope the second season will find something good for him........
....and will NOT put Nick and Jess in a romance plot.

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