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New Grey's Anatomy Clips: Who's Out?

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The four Grey's Anatomy sneak peeks we posted yesterday hinted at some of the major decisions hanging over the residents' heads. Now Owen is pushing them to make those decisions. Fast.

In the latest preview for tomorrow night's penultimate Season 8 episode, Hunt demands to know who's out and who's coming back, so he can start making personnel decisions accordingly.

Boston or Seattle. Gulp. Will Meredith and Derek be packing up and leaving?

Meanwhile, Arizona pleads with Nick to have the operation that could save him, while he questions what the point would be, and whether his supposed best friend really has his back.

Watch the two additional clips from "Migration" and comment below:

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I think that either Lexi died in the crash or April killed herself back home because she has nothing left now that Seattle Grace isn't keeping her either. I'm pretty upset about Miranda and Ben. I wanted that to blossom.


Anyone could lose their ability to perform surgery in the plane crash. 3) Derek unable to perform surgery, possibly comatose. Christina remains in Seattle to be with Meridith. 4) Mark chooses Lexie. 5) Preference: April dies.


Anyone could lose their ability to perform surgery in the plane crash. 1) Arizona dies, or loses her ability to perform surgery in the plane crash. Karev replaces her. 2) Callie dies and Arizona loses her ability to perform surgery and/or travels to Belize to be with her best friend as he dies from cancer. Karev replaces her.


I've been a longtime fan of grey's, and it seems that the show quality took a real dive right around the time Arizona came to the show. Her and Callie are the main reason I continue to watch. Arizona being killed off will give me the excuse I've been looking for to hang it up with this show.


But what would be the most ironic thing is that we are all focused on who was on the plane and that it has to be one of them that dies, you never know it could be someone still at the hospital I really can not wait till next week and since it suppose to end as a cliff hanger I assume you do not see them get rescued from wherever they are till next season


I believe its Arizona that dies just like a previous person stated it will force Karev to stay at seattle grace to take over for her, instead of going to Hopkins, and Shonda Rhimes previously stated she was worry that she would lose fans over her deciscion of the one she chose to die and by her taking off Arizona she will lose a good part of LGBT community.


I hope its not Arizona. I think there's still a lot more story to tell there. I think it will be April because of her guilt over sleeping with Jackson. Maybe it was Bailey's boyfriend?


I say this is total crap. I think that they shouldn't kill off Arizon because then what would Callie do? Sure she has Mark to help her raise the baby but she loves Arizona. Sure she used to love Mark but let's face it, Callie and Arizona are cute together. So for that I'm calling total crap.


Arizona was on the plane, but you see her and Sloan on the previews for next week. It is not Derek, Meredith, Christina, or Alex because they all 4 signed contracts for the next two seasons. I say it's either Callie or Lexi. I don't want it to be either one but it better not be Lexi!


I'm with you Jodi, I think it's gonna be Arizona that "dies". She &
Callie have pretty much been in the background this season. But, it could also be April, by committing suicide over all her failures recently. But if
Arizona is the actual person dying, maybe Seattle Grace will keep April to fill the open position, & Karev will take Arizona's position, as head of Pediatrics.

Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Episode 23 Quotes

Hopkins is the dream.


It's really not cool to mess with someone's head like this.

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