New Grey's Anatomy Clips: Who's Out?

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The four Grey's Anatomy sneak peeks we posted yesterday hinted at some of the major decisions hanging over the residents' heads. Now Owen is pushing them to make those decisions. Fast.

In the latest preview for tomorrow night's penultimate Season 8 episode, Hunt demands to know who's out and who's coming back, so he can start making personnel decisions accordingly.

Boston or Seattle. Gulp. Will Meredith and Derek be packing up and leaving?

Meanwhile, Arizona pleads with Nick to have the operation that could save him, while he questions what the point would be, and whether his supposed best friend really has his back.

Watch the two additional clips from "Migration" and comment below:

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@Mrs alex
Personnel = people employed in an organization
isn't the same thing as personal =)


Merderzola will leave, as will Alex and Cris, but next week somethings gonna over shadow their plans

Sarah silva

Wouldn't Owen need to know for Professional reasons not personal?
I am nervous about these last 2 episodes.
Prediction Mer and Der and Zola will leave for Boston.
Alex will stay.
Christina will stay.
Jackson will stay.

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It's really not cool to mess with someone's head like this.