Nikita Review: Homequarters

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A family fights, but always comes back together. That's what Team Nikita is ... a family!

While the gun fights, chase scenes and the hand-to-hand combat are fun to watch, the real gem of Nikita is the subtle interactions. It's the character moments, whether tender or manipulative; that's where Nikita stands out. "Dead Drop" featured the perfect combination of action and heart.

Hot Nikita!

How awesome was it that Michael and Ryan went against Nikita? She has undoubtedly been the leader, but the team is not blindly under her control. When the safety of the world was at risk, the guys followed their gut.

It was a surprise when Nikita showed up to help them, though she did follow her own gut by bugging Kendrick. And, she was quick to go after him when he called Percy. Thankfully, Ryan was able to figure out Kendrick's coded message before Nikita pulled the trigger. The target instantly became someone Nikita needed to save. And, in that moment, Team Nikita grew by one.

What is Percy up to, anyway? He has plutonium, retrieved the triggers and needs one more component to have a bomb. But, he said to Roan, "Maybe if she had the slightest idea of what was going on. But, she just thinks I'm building a bomb." What?!? He is building a bomb, right? Or, does he have something else planned?

Now that Kendrick gave Team Nikita access to the CIA data, will they be able to stop Percy? No matter what he is up to, it can't be good. It's going to be a wild ride to the end of the season with only two episodes left.  Plus, Amanda will be returning in the finale. Which side of the fight will she be on? Or, her own?

Outside of their fight against Percy and Division, Team Nikita is comprised of people with blood flowing throughout their bodies and even emotions. That was no more clear than during this mission. It was all put into perspective for Alex when Sean got shot; just as Nikita being held hostage did for her and Michael.

The drugs probably didn't hurt either, but Sean declared his feelings for Alex. And, she accepted them. The kiss in the back of the car was perfect, only made better by Birkhoff telling Ryan to be quiet and let them savor the moment.

While that was a heartwarming moment, the big prize goes to seeing the entire team bonding at Ryan's safe house after the beach house was blown up. Michael said it best when he named it their "homequarters."

Unfortunately, someone is going to die before the season is out. Will it be someone on Team Nikita? Was that their last happy moment together? Let's hope not.


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Wow gret show it wil be sure a shame 2 cancel it stil my best on CW d actors r so awesome 4rm Nikita Micheal Alex Birrokf the funny nerd 2 Sean and Ryan Gret show


I love Amanda+Ari. Is that so wrong? Hope they don't die :( I like the idea of redemption for these fallen characters.
I hope we'd be able to find out more about their past. And also Nikita's real dad, if he still is alive.


Nikita fans don't forget to watch tonight's episode "Crossbow" because this is the last episode that airs before the CW makes its decisions to renew or cancel on May 17!


They need to bring Owen back and Team Nikita will be complete!!! I like Kendrick...I hope they didn't save him just to kill him off in the finale or something. But then again...don't want anyone else on Team Nikita to die either. Let them kick ass!!! Maybe Sonya will go protecting the nerd? Better yet, let Team Nikita live, Owen included, and have Sonya jump the wagon and be a member too!


The casts are awesome...acting skill is superb..great storylines!


Percy is the man with his scary sidekick. Team Mikita made me want to barf. They have transformed into such a bunch of betas its sad. Get Amanda back and stop this turning into a crappy action style friends type dullrama. Sean reveals his love for Micky? At least kill off one of team Smugita. Sean -you are the weakest link!


someone PLEASE tell me CW is renewing this master piece of work OVER the other teeny stuff!! We have tons of those online! I need something intelligent and suspenseful to chew on!! Loved everything about this episode. From Mike/Ryan's small rebellion to Ryan's our home and Mikita's headquarters!! I really like Kendrick and was hoping he doesn't die during the last 5 minutes. My gosh. He's lovable. I also like Sonya trying to press ESC, hoping to save Team Birkhoff, me thinks Mr. B needs a girl. :)


This ep was AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!! The CW has to renew NIKITA even if they move it to their summer schedule it has to be renewed. Its so awesome! Maggie Q is hot and rocking. Why do so few people watch it? Its staggering that America can't watch this genius piece of work. Its like the best aspects of Alias on steroids!!! I'm sure Amanda will be trying to get Zetrov by Killing Alex and Division by killing Percy and Mikita.


CW, please renew Nikita!


lovw this episode I only got see the 2nd half of it but saw the 1st half on CW and I loved both halves. I can't believe it's almost over and I don't want it to end. I can't wait though for Amanda to return and I hope she doesn't die :(, but anyways I love how it shows all of them together as a family just to think in the beginning it was Nikita living in her own warehouse and now it's Nikita and 5 it!!

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If you want to understand Percy. You only need to know one thing. All he ever wanted to be is a member of the club.


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