Nina Dobrev on Vampire Diaries Season 4: A New Beast

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Let any speculation cease: Elena will most definitely transition on The Vampire Diaries Season 4 premiere.

There was really never doubt that the final scene of this month's finale would lead to that development, but Nina Dobrev made it especially clear on The CW Upfront red carpet last Thursday.

"I'm vampire-squared now," the actress told Us Weekly, referring to both Elena and Katherine. "I'm playing two vampires, so my challenge is going to be making them different, as I have thus far. Before it was because one's a vampire one's a human - it was easy - and now I have to try and make Elena a vampire."

Dobrev added that the main struggle for Elena will be holding on to her "humanity." As well as still having to figure out with whom she's meant to be: Stefan or Damon?

"Finding out that she chose Stefan even though she actually met Damon first... there's so much going on and there are so many emotions," Dobrev said. "It's going to be a new beast going into Season 4."

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NO DAMON damon is the hottest he sacrifises everything for elenas protection and he loves her and he cares about her. Stephan left her and tried to kill her... he took away his emotions and made elena so upset. Stephan had his turn and now its damons turn.


Stefan and Elena are meant to be doesnt matter who met first...but is was Stefan who always take care of Elena since her parent's accident, he loves her since that. It's Stefan who makes Elena stronger. From her parent's accident, untill when Stefan go alongside with Klauss, it is all about Stefan that makes Elena has stronger mental. It doesn't matter who met first. But when Damon met Elena first, he didn't do anything for Elena. He becomes fall in love with her when Elena fall in love with Stefan. Elena and Stefan are true lovers. Damon has so many girls he can be with. While stefan only loyal to one girl. That's true love. The producers can givea shot, it's become boring forth back in the relationship between elena, stefan and damon, just make a choice.


Damon all the way.. He is hotter but he also cares so much more deeply than he lets on. With stephen its more comfortable and safe. but with damon its so much more passionate and exciting and deep! She has to at least give damon a real shot!


Doesnt matter who met first.she is better with stefan, cos elena is free and happy whenever she is with stefan


If stefan ends up with some random girl(which they are saying he might) I will be sooooo MAD!!!!!


Elena's struggle to keep her humanity will be what separates her from Katharine. I can't wait to see how she differentiates Katharine's love for the brothers from Elena's love for the brothers. I would hope that Elena chooses Damon just because they both have grown so much as characters together. Sure, Stefan is good for her but so is Damon. Maybe I'm biased, but Damon is always giving up what he wants for the sake of his brother. Stefan still has a lot of growing to do from my prospective. Anyway, it'll be fun to watch. I'm rooting for Nina. I love her acting. Can't wait!!!


Ya'll are sayin that she met Stephan first but she actually met Damen a little but before Stephan. Granted she doesnt remember her encounter with Damen but still.


Damon is wayyy hotter but stephan was made for
alaina. It's how it should be.True loovvee.


damon n eleena are suits together because damon is very caring about her n they have a strong frndship.


I don't care who met she first. She fall in love with Stefan, and that's what means. Stelena forever

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