POLL: Saddest Death of the Season

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WARNING: The following poll is inspired by a recent season finale death. It happened this week. It's threatening to shut down the Internet. Stop reading now if you wish to remain in the dark.

Grieving a Loss

With the 2012-2013 season nearly over, now is the perfect time to say goodbye to your favorite shows for the summer and, in many cases, to your favorite characters... forever.

Indeed, with Grey's Anatomy fans still in mourning over the shocking demise of Lexie Grey, we're here to pay tribute to various significant passings over the last few months. Which hit you the hardest? Which do you still have trouble talking about?

Which of these deaths is the saddest?

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Bobby Singer - Supernatural (yeah, I know he's still around as a ghost, but that doesn't count) Sheriff Graham (or however his name is spelled) - Once Upon a Time Yep, I couldn't decide between the two of them.


how do we know Lexie died as they didn't tell us in the finale? Oh, you guys told us!


Well, Ducky sure looked dead to me! The dude was laying there with his eyes open! I hope you all are right, and he'll be back.


Duckie from NCIS. Shocking and so, so sad.


Dale from 'The Walking Dead' because he lived so much longer in the comics and his death in them was way more bad ass. Plus we never got to see his relationship build even further with Andrea.


OMFG!!!!!!!! Piney from SOA has to b the most painful death ever that was just pitiful n to get killed by Clay someone he thought was his friend. Sorry Grey's but SOA should get this win hands down. :))


Lexie from Grey's Anatomy. No doubt about it.


Definitely Sophia from The Walking Dead. Of course I'm assuming that even though she was "technically" dead already, when Rick shot her......that it still counts right??? Or does that fall under the "Double Tap" rule??? :)


@jo dude, we have no way of knowing whether he's dead. Star-burns lol


Ducky on NCIS! Hands down...