Private Practice Review: Making Tough Calls

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Coming off news of a possible renewal, Private Practice delivered a strong installment tonight. It should come as no surprise, considering the Seaside Wellness doctors have brought their A-game all season long.

Violet and Pete

With more than enough drama to pass around between all of the doctors and their personal lives, most recent episodes have only shown a single medical case each week. Here, though, we were fortunate to see two different cases involving a child who has a gender identity disorder, and also an illegal immigrant facing deportation wanting to induce her pregnancy.

While I can’t get enough of Addie and the gang’s personal issues, there’s nothing I love more than the way Private Practice makes me think and rethink my position on a variety of issues. I definitely found the mixed perspectives and discussions involving both cases interesting, as the line between right and wrong certainly seemed blurred. One thing’s for sure: doctors have to make tough calls.  

In regards to the case with the 10-year-old girl, I thought that both Cooper and Violet did the right thing by talking to the girl without the parents’ permission. After all, she did come to them desperately crying out for help.

As for other case, I’m just glad that I wasn’t Addie and had to decide what was best and the right thing to do. Still, I had a gut feeling throughout the entire episode that the woman would try to take off with her baby. I was right! However, I want to know how she got out of her room - and even the hospital - with the two immigration agents nearby.

Elsewhere: Sheldon was still MIA, leaving Amelia to turn to Jake as a doctor and personal confidante. When she felt her baby kick, I so badly wanted her to talk to Addie. Honestly, I was just glad that Addie reached out to her regardless of the way she’s been out of touch recently.

As for Charlotte and Cooper, they both spent most of their time at odds with one another. Rightfully so, Charlotte was still upset with Cooper about his preposterous statement from last week suggesting she wasn’t Mason’s mother.

I thought it was ironic when Cooper called Mason a jerk. Hi, kettle. This is the pot speaking. Luckily, Charlotte and Cooper made up in the end like they always do as they let the dust settle and Cooper finally apologized. I foresee more issues with Mason in the near future and Cooper needs to realize that it just isn’t going to be easy. He seriously must step up and be an adult.

Meanwhile, who’d a thought that baby Henry would bring Sam and Addie a bit closer? Well, actually only closer if Sam was considered a part-time babysitter. Like Pete said, AddiSam circle back and forth and Sam just needs to stop trying to be a bad guy. I’m hoping Addie finds a reliable nanny so she doesn’t need to rely on Sam anymore.

Finally, it’s time for the Violet Annoyance Scale (VAS). I’m rating this episode a 5. I’ve got to give credit where credit is due, and I respect that Violet wanted to still try to convince Pete that counseling was the right route to take. Also, she emphasized several times that work was needed in order to get their marriage on the right track. However, all that self righteousness was for nothing. She still ended up sleeping with Pete. And yes, I know it takes two to tango.

By the way, what was Pete thinking by wanting to leave his family behind and help a random woman? When Pete told Violet he was leaving, she was upset and questioned how he could leave when their relationship was on the rocks. If I’m not mistaken, Violet has left Pete TWICE before when things got even just a little tough. Seriously, this just goes to show how messed up Pete and Violet are together.

Overall, tonight's installment was above average, but not quite near perfect as we've seen most recently. Let's hope that this season finishes strong and we continue to get amazing stories.  

So, what did you think, TV Fanatics? Hit the comments to share your thoughts on "True Colors." Also, don’t forget to return later this week to chime in on our Private Practice Round Table.


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I agree, no more AddiSam. I've been really pissed off at Sam this season anyway... I think Addison should be alone for a while. Like everyone else, I did not like the cheap storyline of Pete running away to Salvadore. Abandoning his wife and child? I know Violet did it, but to her defense, she had serious PTSD from having her baby cut out of her. Not the best PP episode, but I liked the storyline though with the girl who felt like a boy. Though Grey's done it before, on the episode when the girl was born a hermaphrodite and felt like a boy.


I didn't really care much for this episode. Majority of the characters (other than Addison and Charlotte) pissed me off. Majority were hypocrites and rude and just completely self-involved. I haven't really got much else to add it other than how much I would like to hit both Sam and Pete in the face and perform a roundhouse kick to the face on Violet!


Cont: And I'm so glad Cooper apologized to Charlotte. Obviously his comment from last week would hurt her and it's something he really had to outright apologize for. He's been quite the jerk and downright very childish over this current issue with Mason. I'm really hoping that before the season ends he grows up the way his son needs him to because Charlotte's been the one that's parenting for the both of them. And it doesn't help either that he seems to question her ability or expertise in parenting.


It was an okay episode. Personally I thought there was a little too much Violet for my liking. Her case with Cooper was interesting so that was fine. I thought she wasn't her usual pushy therapist self, for once. But during her conversations with Addison, I still don't believe the friendship. Am I the only one that thinks they don't really have chemistry together? She's a poor substitute for Naomi. And then all the Pete stuff. The fact that they can't even agree on the course of action they're gonna take to save their marriage kind of says a lot. And I completely agree with the whole - Pete suddenly decides he wants too go to El Salvador to help this patient - Violet criticizes him for running away when she's the master of running away - these two are just so messed up! I wish we saw Henry more with Addison and less of him with Sam. I hate the idea of AddiSam all over-again. I like how Jake is being so supportive of Amelia and it seems like it'll only get harder for her from here. And I'm so glad Cooper apologized to Charlotte and I'm really hoping he grows up!


Jake and Amelia. Oh like that idea didn't fly through our minds before. I couldn't even bring myself to care about these two this ep and their passive aggressive little tantrums did not help either. Whatever. Sam can just gtfo and stop hovering. Nobody asked for your annoying presence, so the least you can do is to shut your whiny mouth. Long over the P/V saga. Illegal immigrant mother just showcased all the classic reasons these doctors have been subject to audience criticism. Manipulation, intervention, personal attachment, and oh, don't even begin to pretend they didn't have anything to do with the mother's final escape. There's too much negative energy clouding my eyes right now, so I'll stop with the rants.


when Addie came howe at the end, i half expected her to find the girl from El Salvador there at her house. i don't know why.
but great ep on the whole. i just wish they would take up an intern or sth sth. someone to bring some young into this whole thing.


when Addie came home at the end, i half expected her to find the girl from El Salvador there at her house. i don't know why.
but great ep on the whole. i just wish they would take up an intern or sth sth. someone to bring some young into this whole thing.


I really liked Jake's intercations with Amelia. I like Jake and Addison, but I think I would like him even more with Amelia. Do anyone think the writers would go there?


In Violet's defense, she had her baby cut out of her and was left for dead. I say she gets a free pass for losing her shit.


Not at the level of the two previous episodes but it was solid, a chapter of transition for the last two chapters, which saw the promo will be very strong. I liked both cases, being Cooper Cooper, thinking everything is easy and it is not. Please no more AddiSam Shonda. Sheldon return please

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