Private Practice Season 6 Shocker: Who's Out?

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A key Private Practice cast member won't be scrubbing in for Season 6.

Sadly for many fans of the ABC drama, Tim Daly Tweeted last night that his character has performed his last risky medical procedure, writing: 

“Wonderful fans of PPP. Shonda informed my agent today that Pete won’t be returning for season 6. It was a great 5 yrs. R.I.P. Pete Wilder.”


Pete was last seen on the Private Practice Season 5 finale, taken into custody after ending the life of a patient kept alive by machines.

The departure of Daly is likely financially-based, as the show itself was among the final ABC renewals for 2012-2013. It is scheduled to air 13 episodes in what most assume will be its final season.

Are you sad to see Daly/Pete go?

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I think this will have backlash like it did with Dell. She killed off Dell and cut the actors episode order from 23 to only 12. Aura McDonald happily walked off too. I feel as though the cast doesn't get the respect they deserve. I'm not a Voilet and Pete fan when it comes to their marriage, but other people are, so this is a huge deal for people who sail that ship.


Sadly, I stopped watching Private Practice last season. It became repetitive and the writing became boring. I seriously would accumulate 6 or 7 episodes of Private Practice on my DVR, because I always wanted to watch something else instead. Finally, I just gave in and deleted everything. Not surprised that it's possibly going to air its final season this fall.


As long as they keep Charlotte and Cooper I don't care who goes.. I would rather Mason stay out of sight. He bugs me.


Nessa 6ª temporada,alem de quem Addison vai escolher,eu esperava que a situação de Pete e Violeta fossem realmente definida e revelassem para o Publico A HISTORIA DA FAMILIA DE VIOLETA (Os Pais dela nunca apareceram), ninguém sabe o real motivo da separação deles.E lógico o Pete teria que está por perto para apoia-la.Ela (Shonda) é patética entra em contradição o tempo todo.Como pode destruir uma Familia assim, e deixar Sheldon,Sam e Amélia pairando sem nada a fazer na série.Se arrependimento matasse estaria morta por dedicar meu tempo a esse Show.Coitada de Violeta/Pete e o pbre do Lucas.


As long as it wasn't Addison, Charlotte, Amelia, Jake, or Cooper, I'm ok with Pete being gone. I actually really like Mason and what he adds to the Char/Coop dynamic and especially who he's helped Charlotte to be. Pete was super annoying this season anyway, way too dark and way too pissed off when the problems with him and Violet's weren't just Violet's fault. Yes, she's annoying too, but it wasn't all her.


I liked Pete. Violet can go to the moon with Mason. They couldn't get more obnoxious annoying characters if they tried.


Also not the first time she's just fired someone without an apparent reason or telling them face to face. She fired Katherine Hiegl simply because she was taking time out for movies and her baby. She was supposed to hear from her agents when to return to set and it was two weeks later that word got out that Izzie was written out. Shonda can be a b!#c$


They could have gotten rid off Sheldon. He is useless. Like Bonnie in TVD a plot point rather than a an actual character. But Shonda screwed up Pete as a character. In the pilot she made it that he would end up with Addie, but then got Violet involved then she got him back with Addie only to get Violet back in the pic... Its ridic!!!
Let's not forget the fact the she made Addie and Sam fall in love with each other. Her best friends husband. Esp after she slept with her husbands best friend. How twisted is that??????
And they wonder why the ratings dropped?!?!?!?.
Shonda has lost the magic, after the first 3 seasons of Greys she lost it. Watch how she will destroy Scandal.


Yes, Ladies and Gents, Shonda has left the building.
There are so many other ways for a producer to cut costs so they can budget for their actors, but it doesn't seem she wants to do that. Violet will be ten times more annoying and more viewers will leave to watch something else and then what will be left?


It sounds like sonda had a gripe with Daly the way she went about it. She should have told him in person. Shonda has a mean streak. You can see it with the way she talks down to the fans on twitter. These are the same fans that put her in the position she's in by watching her shows. I agree to scrap the kid. He's an unnecessary waste of time. Keep him off screen. There's only thirteen episodes left lets not waste them.

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