Revenge Producer Teases Season 2 Wedding, Death

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Warning: Stop reading now if you are yet to watch this week's Revenge season finale. In fact, stop doing whatever it is you are doing and go watch this week's Revenge season finale.

The episode left fans with a number of questions, many of them summed up in my attempt to make sense of Revenge Season 2 and what might be on tap.

Victoria Aboard?

Many of them are also answered, or at least teased, in an interview Executive Producer Mike Kelley gave to TV Line. Follow the preceding link for the full exchange and read on for a few key excerpts:

  • A "major, important" death did, indeed, take place on the finale. We'll learn the victim's identity on the season two premiere.
  • Season two will also open with a flash forward to summer in the Hamptons - and the wedding of... Kelley would not reveal.
  • On Emily's mother: She "is going to have some deep psychological issues, so we’re going to need somebody that can play volatile and dangerous; all of the scariest parts of Emily’s personality are going to be present and apparent and a little bit out of control in her mother." (Vote now on who you think should play the part.) 
  • We will meet many new characters, including those part of the larger conspiracy and those who Kelley says went to Takeda's "Revenge School" with Emily.
  • Daniel will continue to grow dark next season and Ashley "will be a big part of it."
  • We will learn exactly where Amanda has been and what happened to her prior to returning.

Whew. That's a lot. Digest the spoilers now and sound off: What are you most looking forward to on Revenge Season 2?

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I think that the weddind is of Ashley and Daniel, most probably.


The show will be nothing without Victoria.


i like robyns reasoning....conrad calls victoria and she gets off the plane...i also think that there is more to nolan than meets the eye... daniel is really gay..... and needs more botox in his top lip...


The Prison Officer is on Emily's side.If he wasnt he would of told Conrad Amanda Clark had tried to kill him. Nolan and Emily wont get together as he is gay.We will see more to Nolan's character next series but I dont believe he will be related to Emily or planning against her. I also think the fake Amanda is actually pregnant, her and Jack suit more than Jack and Emily. Victoria wasnt on the plane as it took off, she knew Conrad was too tamper with it. She will be hiding at first, untill they reveal how she got off the plane. Charlotte will die, hence the spoilers sugesting Emily becomes darker next season probably through guilt.


Episode 22 was the saddest episode i have ever seen i was balling out crying and the ending was fantastic and poor Emily and I really hate Amanda now and I did not want Charlotte to die hopefully she is still alive


i will love it if daniel and emily got married..
i hate how ashley will be a big part of daniel growing to the dark side...
cant wait for season 2 especially since its gonna show where emily was prior to returning. : ))))


I really hope the wedding is Emily and Daniel. It's obvious he really loves her and that in her own way she loves him too. Plus he's the only one she seems to act natural around, it's like she doesn't have to work so hard with him. And you can see how happy they are together when they're alone. I don't think there's any future for Emily and Jack, they just don't seem right together. Beside how would he be able to forgive her for lying to him and would he ever let her carry on with her revenge? I don't really think he would. I think if Daniel knew the whole truth he'd accept her and help her take them all down. And still love her all the same.


I think the fake Emily gonna have a miscarriage Nolan is related to Emily his aunt so say might be her mom jack the really want the fake Amanda but he thinking about the baby Victoria is still alive she gonna make Conrad think she dead Lydia she's a gonner Charlotte is alive but the check her in rehab Declan's going to be there for her until she get better but I think he's tired of her for wat she did to that other chic Daniel will screw Ashley Ashley will get pregnant and will ball out of control because she want that money bad Conrad is in for a rude awakening the fake Amanda gonna be mad cause her baby passed she gonna start cutting up and Emily goes on her search for her mother she tries to get back at Victoria and Daniel and Ashley and the fake Amanda and she will tell jack


I think Emily will marry Daniel to get closer again to the grasons to find information? though the white haired dude knows who she is! I'm rooting for Declan and Charlotte ! It was a bitchmove, the girl was also innocent... but i think he will feel guilty for her 'mother's death' (whom I think isn't dead at all, Conrad warned her about the plane) and they'll get back together... maybe she'll even apologize and he'll explain that nothing happened with that other girl! death has to be lydia because charlotte and victoria can't die, but idk it's too obvious... most TV shows like this make people die that you wouldn't expect... guess we'll see! hope september comes soon!

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