Revenge Producer Teases Season 2 Wedding, Death

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Warning: Stop reading now if you are yet to watch this week's Revenge season finale. In fact, stop doing whatever it is you are doing and go watch this week's Revenge season finale.

The episode left fans with a number of questions, many of them summed up in my attempt to make sense of Revenge Season 2 and what might be on tap.

Victoria Aboard?

Many of them are also answered, or at least teased, in an interview Executive Producer Mike Kelley gave to TV Line. Follow the preceding link for the full exchange and read on for a few key excerpts:

  • A "major, important" death did, indeed, take place on the finale. We'll learn the victim's identity on the season two premiere.
  • Season two will also open with a flash forward to summer in the Hamptons - and the wedding of... Kelley would not reveal.
  • On Emily's mother: She "is going to have some deep psychological issues, so we’re going to need somebody that can play volatile and dangerous; all of the scariest parts of Emily’s personality are going to be present and apparent and a little bit out of control in her mother." (Vote now on who you think should play the part.) 
  • We will meet many new characters, including those part of the larger conspiracy and those who Kelley says went to Takeda's "Revenge School" with Emily.
  • Daniel will continue to grow dark next season and Ashley "will be a big part of it."
  • We will learn exactly where Amanda has been and what happened to her prior to returning.

Whew. That's a lot. Digest the spoilers now and sound off: What are you most looking forward to on Revenge Season 2?

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The death will be lidia hopefully and it was the whm that set the bomb did you not see him under the plane when it was getting ready to depart, and Conrad and him planned the plane explode when he was in Conrads office telling him he didnt hand over any evidence. And the whm knew Emily was watching through the video cause he picked up the picture and when he put it back down he winked at her.The marriage probably Conrad and Victoria redoing their marriage lmao. Daniel and ashley make a perfect couple both are reaching for the top of the chain. Nolan is gay so no emily n nolan. And jack and amanda who cares lmao. Emily's mother is probably returning from a whacko house and just as evil as Victoria!!!!! Ashley Judd would make a great character on revenge..


I Agree But she is Amanda Tou!! Lol


I hope Emily and Daniel get married. I want them back together. I don't like Emily and Jack together. They make a horrible couple, he suits Amanda better :)


Lydia will die.. no surprise, Jack and Amanda I don't think will last long the pregnancy is fake as she knew jack wouldn't leave her if she thought she was pregnant. Charlotte doesn't die but Declan will feel guilty and they get back. As her plans with Jack failed Emily will go back to Daniel.. this will be the wedding, and Ashley will be like Daniel's '3rd eye'. But who knows Revenge has shocked us all so far there's no telling whats next!


i think that it'll be daniel and emilys wedding they'll probly get back together and the death will be amanda's baby. ashly and daniels dark plan will be to muder jack and his brother but emily will find out and save them :D


To blue. Niland is gay he won't be able to get with her and thats why nothin ever happened between them in the first place. What I hope will happen is that Emiliy(the real one) won't deny anything if Amanda come forward to Jack and if she does I'm sure Noland will back her up on it too! i feel as if Jack knows who Amanda really is!


Emily to make jack jelours gets back together with and Daniel and she says she kissed him because when samie died it brought back the memories of her parants and he took advantage of that and that she broke up with him because she was confushed but he is still a little serpishus so he gets ashley to keep an eye on her, lydia is going to die, jacks going to marry amanda


What am i most looking forward to?


Hope Daniel will be with Ashley, Jack will marry Amanda and then know the truth about his young little girl friend.
WHat I am expecting the most is the relationship between Nolan and Emily. I want them to be together as a couple :)
And the rest of the story?... Leave it to you, Mr. Kelley :)


Definitely Victoria wont die as she is the "MAIN" character in this story! Somewhere somehow she did not get on the plane & thats what saved her life. The fake Amanda returns with a hidden agenda to hit back at Emily & to ensure that Jack would not leave her by pretending to be pregnant with Jack's baby ( which of cos is not! ) Charlotte will be alive but admitted into rehab & out of guilt for not entertaining Charlotte's call Declan will be back by her side.
After Emily saw that fake Amanda is back with Jack & the fact that her revenge is FAR from reach , she decides to apologize to Daniel & marry him. Daniel who actually still in love with Emily will accepts her back but gets Ashley to be his "3rd eye". Nolan on the other hand will be revealed as Emily's half brother & after the incident with the white haired man, they stick to each other as a team.To me the best person to play Emily's mother ( to name a few ) would be Glenn Close or Uma Thurman or Christina Applegate or Julianne Moore or maybe even Renee Zellweger...