Revenge Review: Absolute Catastrophe

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"Absolution" flew by so quickly I've considered suing for whiplash.

Last week's Revenge episode had me thinking that Emily finding out about her father's murder was the big revelation. While it was certainly important, though, there were plenty more to follow.

We'll start with Declan and the continuation of his betrayal of Charlotte. You'd think that calling her a lying pill-popper on the stand would have been enough, but no. Declan rats her out at school too. He said it was for her own good, but I'm not convinced. Was it because he saw her taking drugs or that she was cozying up to her sleazy ex while she did them?

But it was about time Charlotte's parents started to recognize her existence again. Conrad asked Daniel to take care of his little sis and Victoria actually spent some time telling the girl about David Clarke.

Graysons in Mourning

Still, it took the charges being dropped against Daniel for them to pay any attention to their daughter. No matter what Victoria says, it still appears that Charlotte comes in second to her big brother.

Elsewhere, Nolan was holding back on Emily. I didn't see that coming but I could say that over and over again about this episode. 

I loved how she walked in and surprised him just as he pulled the hidden journal out of his safe. Busted! At least she didn't hurt him. Nolan's too cute to hurt.

But not with 2002 hair. I've never been quiet about my thoughts concerning Nolan's locks, but I hate the 2002 version. Suddenly I have a whole new appreciation for those bangs.

Checking the Grayson Christmas card list, so to speak, paid off as Emily tracked down Carole Miller. No, make that Carol Thomas. Oh, wrong again, how about Aunt Carole? And again, I never saw it coming.

The best part of that reveal was how Emily reacted to it. In this Revenge quote, Nolan tried to explain…

Nolan: This is bigger to me than your revenge against the Graysons. This is my...
Emily: ... family. | permalink

Doing anything to protect one's family was a concept Emily could understand. It almost felt like it brought her and Nolan closer.

When Jack paid a visit to Emily he had me wondering what his plan was. Was he going to tell her he was on the beach that night? That the bloody hoodie was really his? That he's in love with her and not Amanda?

Well I guess we'll never know but his confession to Daniel... now that floored me. Did he do it because he had to tell somebody? Because he thought Daniel was a descent guy or was he really trying to protect Emily from her soon to be in-laws? If it was the latter then confessing all to a Grayson seemed a strange way to do it.

At least Daniel had the guts to confront his father, but then things turned sideways. Instead of lying through his teeth and covering his ass, Conrad told his son the whole truth. And in return, Daniel sided with his father.

I think I was as surprised by that as Emily was. Unfortunately for Daniel, when he doubled down on Grayson, he just put himself square in the crosshairs of Emily's plot for revenge. Before this he was just collateral damage. Almost an innocent bystander but not any longer.

Even Ashley had a few twists in store for her. First off, Victoria screwed her over when her new boss mysteriously found out that she leaked the photos of Daniel. But Ashley should have known something was coming her way when Victoria's reaction was to her resignation was this...

The Hamptons are filthy with ambitious young girls like yourself. | permalink

That said volumes about what Victoria thought of her little protege. Then Conrad offered her a luxury car and a job and she's in seventh heaven.  My guess is that Conrad's setting her up as a scape goat or he wouldn't go out of his way for her. Beware of a Grayson bearing gifts.

So with so many confession and revelations, which Revenge twist most surprised you?

Who do you think is the guiltiest Grayson?


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Jose t

I loved the last 3 minutes of the episode, the music was perfectly chosen!... daniel chose the dark side, while emily is now poised to find the man who killed her father and then she will come for the graysons all 4 of them if neccesary! Absolution is the best episode of the season so far just because of the last scene!


And then Anakin became Dath Vader. Im sad to see Daniel make that choice. I enjoy him and Emelie together so much more then her and Jack. Both Jack and Declan are pretty boring characters.


I think Daniel will take over the company and push his father out. Emotional blackmail is a big thing!!! He can do whatever he wants with the company and his father can't say shit!


Alviss, you make a very good point. I wouldn't count Daniel out just yet. Think about it, he couldn't cancel his interview with Nighline. By doing so he really would look like he had something to hide. The timing of him finding out everything backed him into a corner. The news was too fresh and too new. Although the Graysons are heinous, is exposing them on national television the way to go for Daniel? What child would want to do that? I won't be surprised if he shares all of this with Emily, he just needs time. And I believe that if or when he does, it'll show him to be the same Daniel he's always been. It'll make things harder on Emily, because now she thinks she truly has a reason to hate him. Isn't it ironic that she has such issue with this, and here she's been hiding things from him all along? Watch, he'll come clean to her.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Well this pretty much makes it sure that Emily will go down a way darker path now. Also yeah, Charlotte seems to be set up to become a second "Emily Thorne". Except her target might end up our Emily...


I felt that Emily was weak this episode along with the last. She thinks her revenge would be easy but I like that Daniel turn the tables. I do believe that Emily fell for him but now she have to put them aside. I actually was shock at Nolan today. I never thought he be hiding something but he did.


It's ridiculous the way people keep judging and criticizing Daniel. In the whole show, I think he is the most vulnerable and miserable character. He's raised in a superficial family and surrounded by mendacious, two-faced people. His dad is an evil, selfish jerk, his mum is a manipulative witch, his little sister is not his dad's biological daughter and especially his vindictive fiancee constantly lies to him. Despite all that, he's still in his family side. People said that he had a choice. Whoa, did he? Be a little bit realistic! What choice? Tell the world how horrible his parents are, and kick them into jail? How are you supposed to turn them in, while they are the ones who love you the most - unconditionally and dare to do anything for save you? Although morally, it's the right thing to do and the Graysons have to pay a price for the crimes they committed, but his action is completely understandable and it's unfair to judge him that way. Hopefully he's conceived something in his mind and eventually he will do the right thing :)


Why daniel why? After all this time, why?! I was rooting for you and emily omg


Nolan seems to have visited David Clarke many times, I'm surprised that the Greyson hasn't noticed this strong tie and do anything about it...


People, please, no spoiler here! It's a review about an episode that already aired, not a spoiler thread. I, as well as many other readers I think, enjoy reading reviews and responses on this site. Please respect those who prefer not to know what's to happen on Revenge, pretty please?!? Loved this episode for all his twists and turns. There are many things I never saw coming like aunt Carole, Jack telling everything to Daniel (did Daniel tell his dad that Jack knows something's not right with the Greyson's), Victoria going to the authorities, Conrad confessing everything to his son. I guess for the show to go on, Daniel staying on his dad's side was inevitable, but I was still as disappointed in him as Emily seemed to be. I think she was falling for him, but now I'm pretty sure she hates his guts.

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