Revenge Review: Legacy of Guilt

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Where last week's Revenge flew by at blink-and-you'll-miss-it speed, "Legacy" took things a little slower, as we went back to when the Emily we know and love was still known as Amanda Clarke.

I'll start off with the first shocker of the night: Jack's hair! Eww. Whoever convinced him to cut those mangy locks and make his way into the new century deserved a big tip.

It may just be me, I'm not a big fan of men with long hair. Still, I'm sticking with my gut reaction on this one: eww pretty much all around, right?

Emily and Roger

Speaking of Jack, it appeared he's never had much luck with woman; his girlfriend was more interested in Nolan's money then sticking around Montauk with Jack. But at least that one was just a cheating gold digger and not a psychopath. Jack's certainly worked his way up.

It looked like Nolan started his big brother crusade to rescue Emily from herself back in 2002. Unfortunately, when he got her to finally read those journals, it unleashed a genie he's tried for a decade to put back in the bottle. 

I got the feeling that Nolan really didn't have anyone so he took his promise to David Clarke to take care of Emily very seriously. It made me like him all the more.

The Graysons, meanwhile, were the same hot mess they are now, with a couple of little twists.

Watching Emily spy on the family was sort of like watching a tiger stalk its prey. I just kept waiting for the bloodshed but the Graysons supplied enough of that all on their own.

I knew Roger was a goner the moment he started talking to Emily. There was no way Frank was going to let such a weak link live. But even with his murderous tendencies it was good to see Frank again. I've always been disappointed that they killed him off so early in the series.

When Lydia hit the screen, I realized that I'd practically forgotten about her. I was surprised to find out that she propositioned Conrad and not the other way around. When Conrad told her husband that having him as a neighbor would be payment enough, he forgot to mention that sleeping with his friend's hot wife was an added bonus.

But I thought that Conrad echoed my own thinking when he told Lydia in this Revenge quote:

 It's perverse, don't you think? Destroy the man you love then weep for him eternally? | permalink

That Victoria seemingly loved David so deeply but could choose to destroy him makes her one complex and disturbing character. I wonder if I'll ever understand her.

Unfortunately we had to sit though another evening with Mason Treadwell. What made this worse was that he was in his prime, still successful and thinking he somehow had the moral high ground. 

I didn't think it was possible to feel that he was even more of an arrogant, pompous weasel but I was wrong. It made me wish that Emily had done worse than just burned his home and his manuscript.

Watching little Amanda with her father on New Year's Eve was heartbreaking. Her life really did get derailed and it changed who she was.

I have to believe that part of her obsession with revenge stems from the guilt over not believing in her father's innocence. Her father wanted her to run far from the Graysons and start a new life. Instead, she walked straight into the viper's nest and has no intention of leaving any time soon.

As Emily continues her quest for Revenge will she become the hero, the villain, or a bit of both?


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Interesting but didn't add much. Emotional Amanda was good to see. Set up for NYE 2011.


I honestly felt so bad for Victoria, the way she was hanging on to the house was incredibly sweet. Conrad saying they were selling kinda broke my heart a little regarding Victoria. I seriously love this character, she's so complex, evil but at the same time so likeable somehow. I don't really get why Emily is being so harsh on her, Conrad deserves all the things Emily has (hopefully) waiting for him!


in the picture for the upcomming episode "Grief". Nolan is breaking into someone's house. It appears it is the US Marshall that supposedly killed David Clarke. If you look at the picture you see over Nolan's shoulder what looks like the grey haired man. I believe Emily (real Amanda) is bashing him over the head and killing him in the next episode "Grief".


Who is the actor that played Roger? I know I've seen him fairly recently on TV and it's driving me nuts trying to remember where I've seen him! IMDB ( was no help.


"I didn't think it was possible to feel that he was even more of an arrogant, pompous weasel but I was wrong. It made me wish that Emily had done worse than just burned his home and his manuscript." LOL and AMEN to what the reviewer said above, my thoughts exactly about Mason Treadwell, who is just too Snidely Whiplash-like to be real, he nearly twirls his moustache in every episode he's in! Still, I love this show, mainly because Amanda/Emily is so like a panther, elegant and beautiful, but deadly when stalking her prey. And I ADORE Nolan, who is so wonderful in this role, his face holds so many emotions and he's so awkward and geeky for such a wealthy young man.
Madeline Stowe is also amazingly adept at being a cobra, so evil and yet so slinky...she plays an astonishingly cruel character, but does so with layers of complexity, so that viewers don't hate her outright, because we see her vulnerability underneath all that poison for the people she loves.
I find myself wondering each week how Emily is going to get rid of another Grayson or Grayson conspirator so that it looks like an accident or blame falls on someone else.
The only failing of this episode was that we didn't get to see her meet her Sensei, or Japanese martial arts teacher who taught her how to plan and execute an assasination.


I loved seeing Emily/Amanda before she was "hardened". Amanda lost her cool. Emily wouldn't ever. Amanda was sloppy (footprints in the snow? Seriously??) - Emily would definitely not. She still had her spark, but it was messy - as it should be. It reminds me of when I was all fire and no refinement at that age too - whereas now, I don't "reveal" my fire and that gives me more power. If you lay all your cards out, then your game is up. I can't imagine her angst of not believing, and it killed me to see a sweet little girl's life destroyed. You could see how much Victoria was smitten by David - a man not like everyone else. She is fascinating... and disturbing. This was slower, but what a great layered foundation for the episodes to come. And while the epi was slow, holy hell the previews. Whose skull do you think Amanda/Emily is bashing in?????


I LOVE this show, it certainly keeps you guessing with its cat and mouse game play and as time goes on you begin to wonder who's chasing who...I hope they keep it on the air for a long time.


You're all right ... And it was 10 years ago too. But you know she was involved a lot in the drama with Roger, wasn't Franck suspicious ? But you're right that's not that surprising.


Really? The villain you dislike the most is Treadwell??? I think he's morally confused like Victoria (it's why they make such a great pair!). He's a lot more interesting than the other take-downs, which last night's ep demonstrated. I'd forgotten how inconsequential they were. All in all a fun episode. It may prove to be inconsequential in the grand scheme of things, but it's a good reminder of why Amanda/Emily is doing this! Our take:


There's more holes in this whole storyline/plot on Revenge than there is in a slice of swiss cheese. Does that stop me from watching it? HELL NO! I am still hopelessly hooked on and addicted to this show! ABC, get your act together and renew this for another season or two, like yesterday!

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