Revenge Teaser: 10 Years Ago...

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Who was Emily Thorne... before she was Emily Thorne?

That's the question Revenge will tackle next Wednesday night, as "Legacy" takes viewers back to 2002, when Emily was still Amanda Clarke, nothing more than a caterer trying to gather intel on the family that destroyed her family.

Ready to go back a decade with Emily and her father's journals? Catch up on this week's intense Revenge episode via our latest review and then check out the official ABC trailer now:

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I was rooting for Daniel quite a bit in the past, but the last handful of episodes (since the engagement party) and esp the last ep has made me jump ship. I liked him because he was a genuinely decent guy who was being used as a pawn. Now he's a cog in the Grayson evil - you can defend sticking by your family, but his father has just outlined to him how he's committed multiple counts of coldblooded murder, financed a terrorist operation, and framed and murdered the father of his beloved sister. Daniel is now absolutely complicit, which means I no longer question Em's using him to bring that whole family down


Why is Emily kissing jack?!! Ugh I hope that she later gets feelings for Daniel and forgets about annoying Jack.


Jack and Emily kissing: FINALLY!!!! He's is such a nice and decent guy and Emily's feelings for him are genuine. No way she can truly care for Daniel after last night's reveal... the apple didn't fall very far from the tree...


I also do not want Emily kissing Jack. Yuck factor.


WTF!!!!!!!!!! I dont want Emily kissing Jack!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gosh Dammit!

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Destruction is in my DNA. Take it up with Darwin.


The guy you just toilet capped at the club, could press charges.