Shenae Grimes Slams 90210 Season 4 Storyline

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On 90210 Season 4, Annie Wilson became an escort who seduced a priest. No, really. That was the character's storyline, and star Shenae Grimes was as shocked by it as many viewers.

"Playing Annie this season was really hard for me because I had zero connection to her storyline whatsoever," Grimes told Us Weekly at last week's CW Upfront, explaining:

"It seemed really off-base that my character would even be behaving that way because she does come from a pretty solid family and there was never any mention of her reaching out to her parents at all for money or anything... they had a house in Beverly Hills, her mom's living in Paris - it's not like they're broke! So I couldn't really wrap my head around the thought process behind what was going on, so that made it difficult."

Happy Annie

The show, of course, has been renewed for a fifth season, but the 90210 cast will look a bit different now that Gillian Zinser has been let go.

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They seriously need to get Annie back with Liam ASAP!!!!!!! if they bring someone else on the show that's just one more person for Silver to sleep with!!!! Am I right?


This show has just become so ridiculous. What makes this show so bad is its inconsistency regarding characters, storylines and relationships.
I mean, everybody has been nearly with everybody and it makes the show so laughable.. They had the perfect couple with Aid and Navid.. And ofc. they ruined it..
Then there are Annie and Liam.. They have been built up since the end of Season 1 and at the start of Season 4 Liam even wanted to marry her and now Liam had 3 love interests since then..
And then there was the accident of Dixon.. Eh..? I would have cared if we actually saw him in the last episodes before the finale..
Hope next season is gonna be better ..


I liked and disliked the story! She wasn't a classic whore! She just stayed with that Older guy because of Dixon! She would've gone out as she saw him with that other girl!
It would be different if there were multiple guys! She started escorting so she wouldn't pull money from her Mom and Dad!
But as always the story got rushed through! Thy didn't gave it time to develop!
Shenae is one of my favs in the show, but every even season(2 and 4) she gets put into mud! I liked her in 1 and 3! Hopefully she rises in 5 again!


I'm so happy that she spoke up. Shenae left Degrassi in which at the time she was a main character and still had a few good years left that she could've stayed on it. She left for what at the time was the leading role in a promising reboot of a classic show and she was soon downgraded to a supporting player. She has been getting crap story lines for 3 seasons now and her character has been crapped on multiple times by this series. I really liked the characters as they were when the show started and the characters are far from who they used to be. I get growing up but there is no sign of their old personalities. I think the show should've started earlier in high school because the characters just weren't developed enough, in my opinion, when they left high school. I hope things improve next season.


I agree with her statements. I quit watching the show this season because all the storylines seemed too ridiculous even for a nighttime soap.

Sarah silva

It is very intersting that she would speak out about this, I hope this does not get her fired.

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Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.