Should There Be a Gossip Girl Movie?

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The upcoming sixth season of Gossip Girl, set to premiere in October, will be its last.

Sad as this fact is, as the show's stars gear up to say sayonara to the Upper East Side on the CW, could some of them be persuaded to reunite for a Gossip Girl movie down the line, a la Sex and the City?

"It's funny because I just got that question recently," Chace Crawford told E! News.

Nathaniel in L.A.

"It had never even crossed my mind so it was like, that's weird ... I don't know if I want that, or do not want that. I don't know what the logistics would be on that. I would imagine it's a long shot. Who knows?"

If it's up to him, Gossip Girl Season 6 will end with a bang. In a manner of speaking.

"Like the end of Die Hard," he joked. "Just walking away from an exploding helicopter."

Crawford, who can be seen in What to Expect When You're Expecting, is also set to star alongside Pierce Brosnan as a South African accused of murder in director Bruce Beresford's The House Gun.

What do you think of the idea of a Gossip Girl movie? Would you like to see it? What would the plot be? Would it involve all of the original cast members? Share your thoughts with us below!

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It would be wonderful a Gossip Girl MOVIE because is the best series ever invented. In which they show us fashion, music , culture of the moment. They should do a Gossip Girl Movie in which they reunite Lily and Rufus, they show more of Serena, Blair..... glamourus life and discover the new blogger in town.


I. laiek moveis


I. laiek


Hell yes! I want a movie. Chuck and Blair married w/kids. Serena married w/ kids. Dan loner. Nate married w/kids. Bart, Jack and Chuck together. Bart, Nate, Chuck, Blair, Serena, Jack twisted around the little finger of a tiny Blair or tiny Chuck. A happy ever after movie


A movie would be great but maybe after years just to show what happened to everyone after the last season


Absolutely YES YES YES!


They can barely string together a coherent 40 minute show. They're seasons can barely hold a storyline together. It's like they don't have the appropriate attention span for their own TV: can you imagine a 90-minute movie?


God no. That movie will tank so hard that any studio that is associated with it will close its doors. Just ask what happened with the studio that was responsible for John Carter.


hell no! i just don't think it'd be worth it - to be totally honest i don't think i'd pay to see it


I don't think a lot of people would go see it.


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