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It's almost go time for Bombshell! In "Tech," the production moved to Boston, with only three weeks until the preview. Unfortunately, the start wasn't smooth; there were production problems, yes, but more pressing were the issues with the primary players.

Smash in Boston

The biggest issue ... Derek's in love with Marilyn.

He started dating Ivy when she was in the lead. Then, she fell from grace and when Karen got the understudy part, Derek started fantasizing about her as Marilyn. With that came some flirting and encouragement. If Karen wanted to pursue a relationship, she probably could have.

Then, Rebecca proved that she could be Marilyn by singing a sexy Happy Birthday to Derek. And what does he do? He sleeps with her almost immediately after talking to Rebecca about Marilyn's challenges and dreams.

It took three talented performers to play it all out, but that's it. Derek loves Marilyn and wants his own. How creepy! It's a shame it happened after telling Ivy he "loves" her. Though it seemed more like a throwaway line than a real "I love you." But Ivy took it to mean something.

Derek wasn't the only one to throw away his relationship after "Tech" started. It was an epidemic. Dev nearly slept with R.J. Then, in response, he thought it would be a good idea to spontaneously propose to Karen. What was he doing? How could he possibly think that was a good idea? It's not like their relationship was going well before she left for Boston.

The bombshell: these two situations colliding! Dev and Ivy, both heartbroken and drunk, meeting at a bar. The explosion will be them hooking up! Was the accelerant that they recognized each other's name? How could they NOT put it together? It's not like Ivy or Dev are very common names. If they know, it takes what they are about to do from inexcusable to reprehensible.

For a change, the strong and supportive situation came from Julia's family. She was rightfully happy to have her family back. It was surprising that Frank forgave her so quickly, but showed how strong a relationship they have. Her unwillingness to challenge this family stability was honorable. But, at the same time, a bit worrisome.

Why didn't she want to work with Michael again? It didn't seem to be completely about her wanting to keep the peace at home. Was she afraid that she couldn't control herself because she still has feelings for him? I think that was a major part of it. And Frank saw that.

Frank and Leo's support for Julia to give in and return to the production with Michael there was unbelievable. But I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and see where the story goes next. Will they survive the proceeding two weeks? How does Julia feel about Michael?

These last two episodes are going to be full of personal fireworks. Will they jeopardize Bombshell? Who will survive the previews and who will be out?

When Dev and Ivy exchanged names, did they realize their connection?

Odds and Ends

  • None of the songs were particularly interesting. Though, the best of them was Ivy's "I'm Going Down."
  • Tom and Sam are so good together. Despite some bumps at Sam's parents, they are still going strong.
  • How long before Ellis turns on Ivy? They are partners in spying now, but his allegiance is easily swayed.
  • Eileen and Nick are still a little bit of an odd couple. At least, she has someone on her side.


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Who cares if Dev cheated on Karen--as a matter of fact, who the hell cares abt Karen; such an irritating character i cant stand it! i will stop watching this show if the permanent main role of Marilyn goes to Karen, so dumb!

Sarah silva

Okay I just lost half my post
what I was saying is the Julia situation was not worrisome. She had to let Frank know that their marriage was more important than the musical and she was willing to give it up and I like that Frank and Leo supported her!

Sarah silva

OMG! I can not beleive that they went and had Dev turn in to a total douchebag! First he almost sleeps with RJ and then he hooks up with Ivy. We all know 100% that Ivy knew who he was as Karen has talked about him and Ivy saw a picture of him a couple episodes back. Also Karen has talked about Ivy to Dev so I am sure he knew who she was too. I am not surprised that Ivy slept with him as she is just a evil person and wanted to get back and Karen for all the stuff Ivy in her messed up mind thinks Karen has done to her when Karen has not done anything. However I was not expecting Dev to sleep with Ivy. Ivy was devastated when after just dating Derek for a couple months and he slept with Rebekah then to go and do the same thing to Karen just makes me sick! I hope Karen slaps Ivy and tells Dev to go to hell! Now we need a new HOT guy for Ivy.
Sam and Tom make a great couple.
I disagree with you Carla when you said that Julia's unwillingness to challenge her families stabilty as worrisome. To me I see exactly where she was coming from, she wanted to do all she could to prove to Frank that she loves him and did not want him to get mad and leave again thinking the show was more important which was one of the fights they had in the first couple episodes when they were in the process of adopting and then the musical came along and Frank accused her work being more important. Also she felt she had to prove to Frank that she would choose him over the musical, a huge move for Julia! I love that Frank and Leo supported her and said they were coming to Boston for 2 weeks!
The rest of the season will be interesting!

Anna maria

Why did it move to Boston?? I don;t get it..I also don;t get Derek. At all. It must be what you suggested, about him being in love with Marylin herself, because why in god's name would he hook up with Rebecca?? He HATED her onde second ago!! I feel so bad for Ivy, he had just almost said I love you..her song was heartbreaking. She's the best Marylin of all!


to add.....Megan Hilty(Ivy) can sing, yes, but I was unimpressed with her version of "I'm going down" ............that is a very soulful song and for me it lacked that was more "poor pitiful me Derek is cheating on me"......


Forgot to add that I did enjoy the episode, especially the contrast between those trying to be mature and professional like Eileen and Karen, and...well...everyone else. Was disappointed in Tom, who really let his partner down with his cowardice (score one for Derek!). Ditto for his partner, Julia, who acted like a spoiled brat, taking to her bed w/bananas & peanut butter when she couldn't get her way. Do stage professionals really act like this, making absolute demands based on their personal weaknesses, even though it could kill an already shaky show? What happened to the mantra, "The show must go on?" Suck it up, Julia, and find your backbone. The show is about Marilyn Monroe, not Joe Dimaggio. If Tom can work with Derek, you can work with Michael. Nick gave Eileen good advice. Let them sort out their personal problems. Eileen has to put her foot down about what is good for the show (and, have a lawyer ready to back her up). No crying or whining during tech!


While not everyone liked last week's Bollywood stuff, at least most of the characters were acting in a relatively consistent manner. This week people are acting ten shades of crazy: Ivy hating on Karen because Derek cheats on her?! Eileen allowing Julia to mope around because they rehired Michael? Ugh! The music - as usual - was great, but man these characters are atrocious. Our full take:


Carla nailed it! But, IMO, it's not creepy if all the adults involved know that these are just little infatuations that crop up in the excitement of putting on a show. What is sad is when people who *should* know better start confusing these hook-ups for real feelings and a real relationship. Again, Ivy's naivete just doesn't jive w/the experienced showgirl she is supposed to be. She & Derek hardly knew each other when they hit the sheets. Did she honestly believe they had an exclusive relationship? Her song was lovely. But, that line of, "What did I do wrong?" - oh, please! Does she want Derek because she loves him, or because she wants the lead? We know she's every bit as opportunistic as he is! If Derek weren't the director of BOMBSHELL, she wouldn't spend one minute with him. She's confusing herself w/Marilyn in that song. I wish the stronger Ivy with ambition would come back & ditch the I-Think-I'm-A-Doormat Ivy.


This show just keeps getting worse. Very sad waste of great potential.


This episode was a bombshell, and one of the best episodes yet! I really wished that next Monday would come around quickly so that we could see exactly what happens. Dev was an idiot. For someone who seemed so encouraging of Karen and her dreams, he's not very encouraging of Karen and her real career. To keep so many new developments in his life from Karen, then to feel forced to confide in RJ to the point of almost hooking up with her, THEN to try to propose to Karen? I was in love with his character before, but now he's just pretty pathetic. And if he does indeed sleep with Ivy as the previews suggest, I hope there is utter wrath to come.

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