Smash Season 2 Scoop: A Trio of New Regulars

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Smash will not premiere until midseason, but the hated-upon NBC drama has announced casting calls for three new series regulars.

As first reported by TV Line, the following characters will play major season two roles...

Ivy as Marilyn

Courtney: A 20-something African-American chorus member outlined as “incredibly attractive and confident, but also open-minded and non-judgmental.”

Danny: Another 20-something, hails from Brooklyn, straight, described as a “sexy, charismatic and musically gifted, but also self-destructive and remote.

Joe: Also from Brooklyn and planned as a “gay, very cute, incredibly open and optimistic" actor/singer/dancer.

NBC, which released its 2012-2013 schedule last week, has not announced an exact return date for Smash.

UPDATE: Jennifer Hudson and Jeremy Jordan have been signed on for major Season 2 roles.

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I am a Smash junkie, X musician and I cant wait for the new season. I Realy would li9ke to see Bombshell I've been looking for a good spliter/joiner I can maybe put togeather a rough try. I kid you not I realy would like to see itand I thought it would have been a given. Please let me know if you can do anything about getting the producers to do Bombshell I would like any news on timing also Sincerely R J Vining


I love Smash. I can't wait for the new season


Now that House is done and Law and order gone please continue Smash some great entertainment for us that cant offord theater tickets. Love it please put it out on Dvd


I HOPE THEY MAKE IT AVAILABLE FAST! COZ I REALLY really CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF SMASH! the story is amzing, the songs are divine and actors do not disappoint. I hope NBC does it right again the second time. I really really hope the show goes on to many more seasons even after the Marilyn Monroe run is up. I hope it retains all the valuable characters and gives them more room for evolution, i'D LIKE To see Karen lose her idealism, i'd like for her to be bruised and roughened. I'd like to see Derek Wills find out what it is to find love not with musicals and broadway but with a sole characer this time; i want him to be nicer and kinder...i'd like him to show his vulnerability, maybe in the the 3rd or fourth season...oh and is there more to the dark past of Eileen's lover.... that subplot seems pretty interesting and is there more breaking point between the dynamics of julia and tom? oh and i wud want Ellis to caise more havoc.

Sarah silva

I wonder who Courtney will be in the musical.
I hope Danny is Karen's new love interest!


This show and "Who do you think you are" were the only shows on NBC I watched consistantly, after they took off Law and order in the failed jay leno fiasco. they cancelled the consistantly emtionally good WDYTYA and now it will only be Smash and 30 Rock till they cancel rock too. Smash is just otherworldly good but gets shots taken at it all the time, not sure why. fall of a presidential election is always hectic and uncertain, will wait for smash to come out. biggest dissapointment of finale was no curtain call to see how the audience loved it and then tom, julia and eileen telling derek how right he was and how incredible karen was in the role!


@songanddance - While I understand your disappointment at having to wait longer to see the next season of SMASH, you need to do some research before lashing out and sounding like a spoiled brat. It's already been explained in press releases that SMASH is being pushed to the midseason because fall 2012 programs will be a mish-mash of series ending their runs (i.e. COMMUNITY), college & pro sports programming, and U.S. election specials. It's always annoying when scheduled programs are interrupted, delayed or cancelled. Well, fall 2012 is going to be Pre-Emption Season, peaking with the presidential elections in November. SMASH's season 2 will be able to run their episodes with a minimum of delays or interruptions after THE VOICE, just like they did this year. I much prefer a consistent long run of new episodes on a weekly basis for 3 months than the alternative - stop-and-start-and-delayed-and-started again 3 weeks later.


It is anger provoking that these networks spend millions of dollars to create programming, hope that we, the audience, will embrace their show, and when we do invest our valuable time and connect emotionally with new characters, they insult us - and the very talented actors and crew people by either switching the air day/time, make the audience wait an additional 6 months for a new episode or both. No wonder Most programs never make it past a few episodes. Shame on you NBC - once again, you're destroying terrific programing and insulting your audience. No wonder most people are embracing cable shows!

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