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This is the first time I write a comment in this site, I'm guessing just because this Season finale looks pretty much creepy than ever, look at those trees or should I say dark woods dean is trapped in, obviously alone because he can't depend on his BFF's angels anymore.-
Season 3 Dean went to Hell, now is worst than ever because he must going to face every single little monster he had killed in the past years.-
From Chile.-


Well First TBBT then HIMYM and now Supernatural all had some fantastic finales. Completely caught me flatfooted when Dean went to purgatory and Crowley's master plan. Wow...Can't wait for September....

Love Mark Sheppard's portrayal of Crowley. He totally rocked it.

Hopefully next season has Demons and Angels and be done with boring Leviathans.


Dean and Sam will most likely be reunited by episode 3 i mean that would be horrible if they were separated for any longer, i think bobby is going to show up in Purgatory after all his spirit wasnt at peace he was "vengeful" as for Leviathan obviously they have a big role to play or dean would not have been taken into purgatory, after all that i can honestly say i am looking forward to September and i'm excited for next season :]


Like someone said before, it was not the best episode of the season but it was definitely a chilling cliffhanger and I cant wait to see where Jeremy will take this storyline next season. It definitely had solid points and Dean and Cas being stuck in Purgatory is a scary thought. Sam is well and truly alone, and it'll be interesting to see how he will find out about where Dean is and how he will be able to get him back. I honestly can't wait to see what season 8 has in store for the fans. Loved Baby's entrance too :)


The Leviathans better be finished for good.


Does anyone think Sam should get his demon powers back?.... if Crowley is the big bad next season it would be easier for same to take on them with his demon powers since he is alone now....


Unfortunately, our local station decided they needed more commercials so they cut the show in two places. They completely cut the scene where Sam confronted Bobby/maid, and didn't start the segment until Cas was saying they needed a cat. They also cut the last scene where Crowley showed up to Sam after Dean and Cas disappeared. It only picked up where Crowley left with the prophet. Luckily I was able to go rewatch it online, but am disgusted that I missed that much of the show. When I was watching it last night all I could think is that the editor needs to be fired for the hatchet job they did. Soured the whole episode for me.


I say Cas was playing the role of fallen angel (ie: acting crazy) because he knew the boys needed fallen angel blood for their weapon. Now that the weapon has been used, I am betting he'll return to his normal self.



Actually they all are. Lilith was the first human turned into a demon by Lucifer. Every single demon was human once. That's why the Word of God called them Fallen Humanity. John and Mary may not be in Heaven but they aren't in Hell either, so where might they be. Anyone's guess really.



The whole season was sad everything the brothers had got ripped from them. Bobby cas even the car. And right at the last minute they got ripped from each other. That's what the season was about not dick. Dick was just another random monster.

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