The Big C Review: Bushes, Tushes and Trampolines

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I tuned in for The Big C this week, and an episode of Entourage broke out.

Seriously, everything about Alison Janey guest-starring as a big-time Hollywood producer on "Life Rights," and wanting to option Paul's life for a movie, was pretty weird, right? Her character kept dropping jokes and references about "Sandy" and "Leo" and it felt like a page from the aforementioned former HBO hit.

And it also felt rather hard to believe.

Allison Janney on The Big C

Is Paul's life story really that fascinating? He had a heart attack, saw a light and his wife is recovering from cancer. It's enough for an enjoyable HBO series, so it's hard to say it wouldn't make for solid movie, I guess.

But from the point of view of someone as successful as Janey's producer? It's a stretch that she'd be so taken by it, and certainly a stretch that Leonardo DiCaprio would want to star in it. But the biggest stretch of all? That Cathy would turn it down.

We're talking six figures here, maybe even seven. You can make serious bank optioning your life or book rights for the big screen - and Cathy doesn't want to do so because her character would die in the end? It's fiction, Cath. The money in your bank account? That would help support your son and incoming adopted daughter? That would be very much real.

Talk about a petty, silly reason to turn one's back on a major payday. Use your life, as Paul explained, as a trampoline to a movie script and then roll in the cash. Come on now.

It all seemed to serve as an excuse for Paul and Cathy to have that blowout over the adoption. They are clearly on a different page regarding it and that could make for an interesting arc, but this was an odd, extreme way to arrive at that conclusion.

Moreover, Cathy's reaction to the film offer just goes to show that she wants this child for all the wrong reasons. She wants it to somehow feel better about herself and her new lease on life, not to actually give the kid the best possible upbringing. If the latter were the case, she'd realize this little girl is better off with a younger, healthier family... and she'd certainly realize that a giant check would come in handy.


  • If you can't use the bush, stay away from the tush. Sage words if I ever heard them from Sean.
  • For very different reasons, this Adam storyline is also rather odd. There's praying, there's making odd, there's anal sex. Not sure if it's meant to be a commentary on religion at all, but it's certainly not where I imagined Adam's bible group studies would go.
  • It's safe to say that Brian D'Arcy James, as Sean's phone sex client, was more interesting in one scene here than his character has been for an entire season on Smash.
  • You may need even more glasses of wine, Sean.

Most definitely an unusual episode all around this week. Movie talk. Prayers and anal sex. A threesome. For a show about surviving cancer, The Big C is going in many different directions these days. It's not grounded in a lot of reality right now.

And Cathy is sort of off her rocker. Alexis could vouch for that.

What did everyone else think?

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They jumped the shark in this season.


Season 1 was so fantastic, they should have just ended it there. It's all we really needed. Now, the story lines are unbelievable. In Season 1, the story was REAL. Now - Adam and church and anal sex? Cathy adopting a baby? Alexis and the whole fake personna of Cathy? Paul's 'flip the switch' message so uplifting? Sean and phone sex? Ababu? What is with Ababu? Goodness. They dont even mention Cathy's cancer anymore. Not watching the show anymore. Garbage.


I think this season has been terrible. The complete change of pace has made this show so generic it's laughable. The time that Adam spends on screen is always irritating at this point. The lack of Cathy communicating with her dead friends seems bizarre after introducing the idea in the series. Paul's story while at times uplifts the tone of the show is completely unbelievable. Overall my interest is quickly waning on a show that I would have said was a contender to be grouped among my favorite shows of all time. Sadly they couldn't keep that pace and it would be lucky to be placed in my top 100 now.


Does anybody find it funny the the movie producer call susan Sarandon a different name then the one she uses as her character. Why would her character have to change her name? Is she selling her story as a means to get people to her class.?
Let me know the answer to these questions Please


I absolutely loved this show, seasons 1 & 2 were great. But my interest has quickly dropped this season. Too much craziness and unbelievable plots. It's taken a wrong turn this season. I will continue to watch and see how the season ends, but unsure if I will tune in if it's picked up for a fourth.