The Good Wife Season 3 Report Card: B-

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A romance that never blossomed. A Gubernatorial race that never took off. An uneven season for its main character.

The Good Wife remains more than just a good drama, but season three most definitely featured ups and downs. Come along with me below as I grade all we just saw and then look ahead to The Good Wife Season 4.


Best Character: Eli Gold. Does he sometimes feel too far removed from the main action? Yes. Do I smile pretty much every time he comes on screen and especially when he grows scrunchy-faced frustrated? Heck yes.

Worst Character: Can I say Alicia Florrick? She's certainly the least entertaining character. If Eli is hilarious, and Cary is smarmy, and Kalinda is mysterious, I'm not sure what that makes Alicia. I'm a little sick of the constant reminder that she's a black-and-white person trying to navigate herself through a morally grey universe. We get it by now. It's all relative, because there are really no bad characters on The Good Wife, but Alicia got lost in the shuffle a bit this year.

A Concerned Eli

Best Episode: "Pants on Fire." Loved the portrayal of Mike Kresteva by Matthew Perry. Loved the return of the election to the forefront. Loved the concluding shot of Alicia and Peter together again.

Worst Episode: "Finding Mr. Bitcoin." Just too much technology talk and too much time spent on a case that wasn't very interest.

Best Guest Star: A tough one because no series does its guest stars better - from Jason Biggs to Michael J. Fox to Dylan Baker - but I've gotta go with Carrie Preston. Her Elsbeth Tascioni was the perfect mix of quirky intelligence when defending Will against bribery charges.

Most Underused Character: Cary. I'm hoping this changes now that he's back with the firm, and I understand Cary has always just been a supporting player. But it grew a tad irritating when David Lee was getting more screen time than our favorite former ADA.

Best Storyline: The race for Governor, hence my frustration and confusion when it was simply dropped for the final two episodes. Not even a mention of Kresteva. Very, very odd.

Worst Storyline: Anything involving Grace or Zach. Sorry, kids.

Overall Grade: B-. I really didn't care for the finale. The stories we were left with - Kalinda's husband, the firm losing its top client - seemed to come out of nowhere. There was a flow and consistency missing from the back half of the season.

Hopes for Season 4: Idris Elba as Kalinda's husband. More focus on actual politics over office politics. Alicia firmly deciding whether she's with Peter or not.


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I can't possibly have a best character - they are each excellent in their own way.
Diane for her professionalism and sensiblity
Kalinda for her craftiness and street smarts
Eli - for pushing his ego out of the way and trying to play nice with other
Cary - humble in that he says he learned nothing in college, but he so did.
Peter - standing up to Jackie, being honest with Alicia, attempting to run a clean office and finding it 's not so easy.
Will - probably my least favorite - but excellent acting by Josh Charles
Best episode: Parenting Made Easy - I could feel Alicia's fear/guilt with Grace missing; thinking about "getting rid of the distractions; and wondering if she should make the jump to family friendly Canning law office.
Best guest stars: male: Matthew Perry as Mike Krestiva and female: tie between Carrie Preston and Anika Noni Rose - the special prosecutor you love to hate!
GOd I love this show - best on TV.
Last opinion: stop all the "special guests" and focus on the ones you have and better develop the story line ...and MOVE BACK TO TUESDAY!!!


Well I liked season 3 and would rate it B, cause somethngs where missing. I think it is kinda sad the way Alicia made so many steps backward and I am not speaking of her relationsship with Will, I am speaking of her as a woman.
I like Eli, but the whole Cheese thing and that blonde woman are a bit to much, but maybe that is just me. I like the parts with his daugther and his exwife, also some of the other people who want to work with him.
Really love Diane, the way her Character develops is great!
The Kids where only normal once when they whre on the sofa nearly at the end of the season and in the last episode, if they go that way it is okay.
Krevesta (or so) - I liked to have a person like that in the show and I hope they can bring him back, dropping it with no word would make the show look bad, even when the actor will not be available this needs closure.
I like the Gov, thing, but not sure where they will head with that. If they want to keep the show the way it is now he needs to loose... or can you see everybody moving to Springfield?


Season 3 was such a disappointment to me after all the buildup for Will and Alicia in Season2. To break them up so abruptly was horrible! THe Kings really dropped the ball on that one. Not a big fan of Eli and if he's not in campaign mode he is totally disconnected with the lawyers at LG. THat storyline with that Stacy chick was a waste of airtime. The things that drew me to the show in the first place was watching the excellent ensemble and shows writing. Watching Will and Alicia relationship grow and develop was the best part of it to me. THe storylines were all over the place this year, maybe they got caught up in all the great guest cast they could get and they never got a flow going this season. I hope season 4 Alicia finally rids herself of Peter and that sham of a marriage and that she lets heart find happiness with Will.


Who said Idris Elba is portraying Kalinda's husband?


Not enough Willicia for me. I was waiting for more of them after the steamy season 2 finale. But they broke up so early in the season, it was really disappointing.
Could we get rid of Peter, or at least having a divorce would be great.


I better see more Cary next season!


To say Cary was underused would be the understatement of the year. I liked that he worked with Peter but if that meant less and less camera time it really isn't worth it. I completely second the idea of Idris Elba playing Kalinda's husband. That would be a genius casting decision.


Best Guest Star: Anika Noni Rose for Wendy Scott Carr.


Best Character : Eli Gold. Worst Character : Florrick Kids. Best Episode: Alienation of Affection. Worst Episode : Parenting Made Easy. Best Guest Star : Carrie Preston. Most Underused Character : Elsbeth Tascioni. Best Storyline : Cary's Return. Worst Storyline : ,./? Overall Grade : D- Hopes for Season 4 : Really not much , that's how bad this season was. Although last season was an A+ ; so this show can bring it.. That's all the hopes I got for this show. !


Saddly this year I don't have a favourite storyline. My favourite character was Diane and her good sense. Even without her own personal storyline, she shined almost in every scene and episode. And IMO Eli didn't work at all at L&G. Most of the time his storylines were disconected from the rest and not so compelling. I really don't think his character shined like last season. And another season and we're still complaining about Cary being underused. Very irritating. And yes, he's just a supporting character but everyone, besides Alicia, is just a supporting character and after two years he's still the only one who's constantly underused or baddly used. So, and that's my main hope for season 4, I really hope finally next season he gets what other characters already got: storylines and screentime. Because that supporting character is still my favourite (a great unexplored potential on terms of development and storylines) and because Matt Czuchry, who's a MAIN cast member like every one and not just a guest or a recurring, and his character have been criminally underused for too long.

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