The Goodwin Games: First Trailer!

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Get ready to play, Fox viewers.

At midseason, the network will debut The Goodwin Games, a comedy starring Becki Newton, Scott Foley, Jake Lacy as estranged siblings who are forced to reunite and attempt to get along if they want to inherit their family's fortune.

Think Arrested Development meets The Royal Tenenbaums and watch the first trailer now:

Also coming to Fox in 2012-2013: The Following, a thriller starring James Purefoy and Kevin Bacon; and The Mindy Project, featuring Mindy Kaling as a doctor.

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I've always been rellay torn when it comes to book trailers. On the one hand, I like to see books advertised to a wider audience that might not, normally, hear about them. But on the other hand, every book trailer I've ever seen was rellay kind of hokey and looked like someone with no experience in advertising or graphics got ahold of it (not to mention the melodramatic narrators. I might have seen one, in my whole life, that was good, but like you I don't remember what book it was about.If I ever saw a rellay good book trailer, I think I'd be jazzed. But it's difficult to do since there are no visual images to go along with it. I mean, it IS a book and not a movie/tv show. And I doubt publishers would put the sort of budget into it that would allow for more visual trailers, so I just don't know.


AWWWW I love the Goodwin Games.. so funny and a real treat to watch the trailer!


aww I like it! I'll definitely be tuning in..who is the forth guy after all?? haha


Ahhh... reminds me of me and my brothers, we are all smart in our own way but we always fight because of it.

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