The Mentalist Season Finale Preview: Hitting Rock Bottom

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The Mentalist will air on Sundays this fall. That's one change to which fans will need to adjust.

But a far more pressing concern for viewers of this CBS drama? The state of Patrick Jane. He appears to plummet toward rock bottom in the following network trailer for tonight's Mentalist Season 4 finale.

"The Crimson Hat" will find Jane in Las Vegas and introduce him to Emmanuelle Chriqui's Lorelei Martins, a cocktail waitress who will become a love interest both on the final and beyond.

Check out the official teaser now and visit TV Fanatic later this evening for a detailed review:

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I so enjoy this show but agree with most everyone, Red John is getting old. Let's just have the show without him. There are so many other interests just watching Patrick do his thing solving crimes. The casting is fantastic.


I always meant to watch this show, but never did. I have just spent a month watching the entire 4.5 seasons and I really think they need to end this red john story. It is very annoying. This cast and Patrick are more then great enough on the non red john episodes.
They should be like Bones and have a major villian per season or something.
Honestly I am irriated that he thought he got red john and now we have a whole new thing going with this Lorelai person. This all powerful all knowing villian is also so unrealistic. Come on. It really bugs me. End the red john crap and get on with it. I love the cast and show and it can be more than "red john".


Can I please just point out something? Patrick Jane was a con-man, not a serial killer (on TV Jane mentioned Red John as already having killed eight women) who sneaked out of a TV show and killed his wife and child while he was talking smack about "himself"! Geez! I'm really sick of hearing people say it based on the similar voices between Jane and Red John. Granted it would be a great twist, but a very un-creative and unsatisfying one. Red John has to be someone who has been recurring on the show in a subtle way, someone we (the audience) have grown to accept. Or, Jane's father. This is just a personal opinion.


Patrick cannot find Red John until the very last episode of the series. Bruno Heller has stated that audiences will probably be disappointed when they discover the identity of Red John. However, if Red John turned out to be Patrick's father, it would be a huge twist and raise many questions. The scene when Patrick confronts Red John would be very powerful. Perhaps if Red John turned out to be his father, Patrick would not be able to kill him.


This Red John thing has grown real tiresome. A dying series in my view.


I cried when I saw the person who sat backseat... It's Wainwright!!
Damn, why it has to be him??
I really like him and always wait for his appearance...
Guess I won't seeing him next season...
His death remind me of Vincent's death on Bones...
I like their character so much and why they have to be killed??
So Sadddddddd... (T.T)


yes its wicked games by chris isaak :)


Does anyone know the name of the song that was playing when Patrick was sitting in the casino just meeting up with the lady.


( ...yes, I realize that was both surreptitious & hyper-verbose, but seriously, if you have enjoyed this show until now, and it's only just occurred to you that Jane=John, you are not only more inept than you realize, but more obnoxiously, like many people who toss the phrase about, you don't actually understand the meaning of the phrase "jump the shark." ..I guess you just had to be there when it 'happened.' ;} )


S04E24;38:06->39:22... the voice of "Red John" is undoubtedly that of Simon Baker putting on an effeminate East Texas accent through a slightly static-laden monophonic source, recaptured or remastered "within" a small, mostly unresonant, stereophonic soundspace [i.e. walkie-talkie inside a limousine]. Really, there is no question about that--I would point out the lack of accreditation for a speaking role, however, is technically a superfluous notoriety for sub-minute-duration off-screen participation by an already featured, leading-&-guilded actor. Whether the plot will correspond to the cast used to portray its characters remains to be 'scene.'

The Mentalist Season 4 Episode 24 Quotes

Stuff just happens, that's all. Just one damn thing after another.


Lorelei: So you're not magician?
Patrick: No. I'm a con man. I steal from people.