The Office Review: You Down With M-O-P?

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"Free Family Portrait Studio" was the last episode of The Office this season. It was the final half hour with James Spader in the cast. It might have been the last we see of Kelly Kapoor and Dwight Schrute. Heck, it might be the last episode ever.

With all of those factors on the table, I couldn't help but be disappointed. This wasn't one of the show's worst efforts of the year, albeit that is a difficult feat to achieve, but nothing about it felt like a finale.

Family Portrait Offer

Was that supposed to be a send off for Robert California? I know he was only here for one full season, but it sure felt abrupt. He's getting paid by David to travel the world with hot gymnasts? It's strange.

When it comes to Andy Bernard, I have had more quarrels with the character lately than can be imagined, but I was enjoying what B.J. Novak for Ed Helms to start the episode. The fake, down-on-his-luck, drunken janitor bit was kind of working for him.

From using strange accents, to switching in and out of being drunk, and culminating in nobody believing his story about David Wallace buying Dunder Mifflin, his storyline was finally working well. That all ended when he went back to the annoying Andy Bernard that made everything about him.

Every time he interrupted David when the new owner was trying to explain the situation, I just wanted to slap him upside the head. I don't know why I was so interested in how the deal actually went down, but it was definitely more intriguing than Andy attempting to make a deal about him going from M-O-P to M-V-P, or whatever other garbage he was spitting.

Meanwhile, Dwight was too busy attempting to get DNA from his baby to care what Andy was doing. The funniest moment from the plot had to be Dwight asking if the excess skin cells on the baby's cheek were bothering anyone, but it was the ending that may have the largest ramifications in the future.

I say “may” because the future is still so unsure, especially for Dwight and Rainn Wilson. If the actor does stick around for another season, I will be much more interested to see what happens between Oscar and the Senator than the fact that Dwight and Angela have hooked up again.

What did you all think of the season eight finale of The Office? Will you be sad to see Robert California gone? How was the season overall? Is there any saving the series at this point? Check out our The Office quotes page, and then sound off in the comments.


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Now Andy is a head of The Office family, @ Nellie time to pay what you've done previous.


Awful, awful, awful, awful, awful. Wallace buys the company and lets California go off and train gymnasts? Andy is boss and hires Nellie to do a job which she admits has nothing to it? The shark has been well and truly jumped.


Does ani1 know when season4 coming out


I really wanna know when season 4 is going to start?


Remember when this show used to be funny? When Dwight cared more about trying to be manager and sucking up to the manager than anything else? And when Jim cared about nothing more than messing with him? That's when the office was truly hilarious, now Dwight is totally indifferent about everything and stopped being a try hard, which ruined his character in my eyes. Jim seems like he's not as into his role either. Why did this show have to go to the crapper? Just because Carell left doesn't mean everyone should just stop trying and make it boring and unfunny. Seriously, they have potential, but they ruin it by introducing garbage like Nellie and California Seems like the only thing this show has left is the romances, Darrel, Oscar, Angela, Kelly. Those 4 romance situations are the only loose ends for crying out loud, how lame. Nellie is god awful and will now be an employee too, I guess the show is doomed.


I agree about how Robert California was a terrible cast addition, maybe even worse than Nellie. I hate both of them, very annoying. But what really pissed me off is when Andy offered her a job and she explicitly stated she won't be doing anything, not that everyone else in the office doesn't do that, but I hate how she can be merciless to Andy and still get a job, when Andy wouldn't. Andy should have rehired her but as an actual janitor, and she should have entered a fit of rage even more ridiculous than Andy's as payback.


The show has become atrocious. I had hoped the ensemble cast would have held the show together, but the writing has become so pedantic that the characters have become two-dimensional and uninteresting. I have come to loathe Andy Bernard, and I have noticed that the plots are merely repeats of old episodes. I honestly feel that the writers have given up, and that just makes me want to give up on the Office too.


Why does Wallace want the company anyway? Andy is better when he's not the boss. When the office thought Andy was crazy? That was funny. Jim stressed out, holding the kids protectively was funny. Jim was the only one to suspect Dwight had ulterior motives. I like that they tied together the beginning of the episode and the end.


edging away from front lines, Erin and Andy are together, so what else is left? What would greatly disappoint is if the show did indeed end and we never get any answers UNLESS they’re able to include the answers in Dwight's spin-off somehow, that’d be cool


shooed away as a nuisance. That cracked me up! Andy, what a weird direction his character has gone in . Yes, I agree, the janitor nonsense was typical Andrew Bernard - borderline clever with over-execution with no boundaries (which we all love), but again, the over awkwardness with David and the hiring of Nellie just seemed OVER THE TOP. Why do show writers feel that they have to over-top themselves in order to get the 'oooh's and 'aaah's?? If the formula was working before, why stray away from it? Michael left, but that didn't mean everything had to change. I guess now it’s a waiting game to see if it ends Will we find out if Angela's baby is Dwight's, will they indeed get back together? I mean, that is really what we all truly want to know, right? What else is there? We know Dwight will be leaving (for his own spin-off), Kelly may also be leaving (probably getting married to her new beau, (Mindy has signed another contract supposedly), Jim and Pam are slowly edging away from front lines, Erin and Andy are together, so what else is left? What would greatly disappoint is if the show did indeed end and we never get any answers UNLESS they’re able to include the answers in Dwight's spin-off somehow, that’d be cool.

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