The Office Review: You Down With M-O-P?

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"Free Family Portrait Studio" was the last episode of The Office this season. It was the final half hour with James Spader in the cast. It might have been the last we see of Kelly Kapoor and Dwight Schrute. Heck, it might be the last episode ever.

With all of those factors on the table, I couldn't help but be disappointed. This wasn't one of the show's worst efforts of the year, albeit that is a difficult feat to achieve, but nothing about it felt like a finale.

Family Portrait Offer

Was that supposed to be a send off for Robert California? I know he was only here for one full season, but it sure felt abrupt. He's getting paid by David to travel the world with hot gymnasts? It's strange.

When it comes to Andy Bernard, I have had more quarrels with the character lately than can be imagined, but I was enjoying what B.J. Novak for Ed Helms to start the episode. The fake, down-on-his-luck, drunken janitor bit was kind of working for him.

From using strange accents, to switching in and out of being drunk, and culminating in nobody believing his story about David Wallace buying Dunder Mifflin, his storyline was finally working well. That all ended when he went back to the annoying Andy Bernard that made everything about him.

Every time he interrupted David when the new owner was trying to explain the situation, I just wanted to slap him upside the head. I don't know why I was so interested in how the deal actually went down, but it was definitely more intriguing than Andy attempting to make a deal about him going from M-O-P to M-V-P, or whatever other garbage he was spitting.

Meanwhile, Dwight was too busy attempting to get DNA from his baby to care what Andy was doing. The funniest moment from the plot had to be Dwight asking if the excess skin cells on the baby's cheek were bothering anyone, but it was the ending that may have the largest ramifications in the future.

I say “may” because the future is still so unsure, especially for Dwight and Rainn Wilson. If the actor does stick around for another season, I will be much more interested to see what happens between Oscar and the Senator than the fact that Dwight and Angela have hooked up again.

What did you all think of the season eight finale of The Office? Will you be sad to see Robert California gone? How was the season overall? Is there any saving the series at this point? Check out our The Office quotes page, and then sound off in the comments.


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The Office has been slowly fizzling out since the departure of Steve Carrel's character, what's done is done. There were very minor moments when I enjoyed California's dry "humor", but only seldom did I actually laugh. I agree with the above comments that Andy did show some of his forme colors. It was good to see the antics between Dwight and Jim again, even the love affair between Dwight and Angela rehashing. I'm even glad to see Darrell with the girl he had been chasing (sort of like an African American Jim and Pam). Speaking of, if there is another (final) season to come, I hope we see more of Pam. I feel like she sort of slipped away near the end. I’m not sure I want to know any more about the possible affair-ish thing between Oscar and Senator, it too soap opera for me, but I do hope we get more closure about The Sen and Angela's relationship. And one of my most enjoyed moments from tonight's show was Gabe walking in with his tiny cupcake for his own birthday and then being shooed away as a nuisance. That cracked me up! Andy, what a weird direction his character has gone in . Yes, I agree, the janitor nonsense was typical Andrew Bernard - borderline clever with over-execution with no boundaries (which we all love), but again, the over awkwardness with David and the hiring of Nellie just seemed OVER THE TOP. Why do show writers feel that they have to over-top themselves in order to get the 'oooh's and 'aaah's?? If the formula was working before, why stray away from it? Michael left, but that didn't mean everything had to change. Now we wait to see if it ends Will we find out if Angela's baby is Dwight's, will they indeed get back together? I mean, that is really what we all truly want to know, right? What else is there? What would greatly disappoint is if the show did indeed end and we never get any answers UNLESS they’re able to include the answers in Dwight's spin-off somehow, that’d be cool.


Robert what? Who is going to miss the guy? He was only likeable only in the last episode of the last season. After that, he was going down to the toilet like puke or shit, that doesn't make sense to be staying. He was not funny not even trying to be, he was just annoying of not being realistic of the situation that were presented on every episode during this season. So piss off. And talking about this episode, a complete misleading. It doesn't give anything new nor a closure of the suppose demise of characters not appearing next season. Kelly Kapoor and Dwight gone? What about the sick relationship she was having with Ryan and Dwight? What about his closure situation with Angela and the baby, We never knew who was the father.... So please put an end in that part, so we can move to another main situations of the series. As for this show, I will give only six episodes and that's all. a perfect closure for a TV series that was on the top and now is a decaying death corpse.


* There better be another season for the simple fact that this episode would have been a terrible "finale" for the series. P.P.S. Can't they implement a viewable character count instead of just stealth-cutting off our posts?


100% agreeing with the reviewer's comment than Andy was very tolerable, even likable with his downtrodden janitor hijinks, especially with the whole office legitimately thinking he was crazy. That premise was well set up and I never saw it coming. For a change we had delightfully awkward Andy, as opposed to painfully awkward Andy. Definitely where he fits better. Once he got back as boss & making things about him -- sigh. Cringe time again. Best thing about the episode -- Nellie is sticking around. Not cause I love Nellie oh so much (she's simply good) but I can't wait to see the Nellie-haters' heads explode over this. And hopefully the Special Projects division takes some of the screen time away from deadwood Andy. And I'm still mad at them for never giving Nellie a trophy-fiddling bit at the end of the openings for her few episodes as boss. (Again, even Creed had one. No excuse for it.) P.S.: There better be another season for the simple fact that this episode would have been a criminal way to end the whole series.


First of all, Robert California was the worst cast addition I've ever seen. And I'm pretty sure the story about the gymnasts was just sugar-coating the fact he got fired. I was so looking forward to seeing Andy get his moment! Lot of changes are expected next season, if the series continues, but I hope Andy commands more of the limelight then.

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