The Secret Circle Review: A Double Dose of Sibling Rivalry

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"Prom" was a strong episode of The Secret Circle and, thankfully, different than any other example of a teen drama prom we've seen this year. One thing remained the same - and either television shows are much different than real life or things have changed a lot since I attended prom - and that's the following:

I don't remember one person attending stag.

Even Grant told Diana he that Chance Harbor was weird for that. In my world, if you didn't have a date, you didn't go. Has that changed? That would be one reason to go back in time and revisit high school. To dump my date and have fun.

Diana and Cassie

Poor, sweet Melissa.
Melissa was the only one in the circle to stand up for Nick upon his somewhat strange return, and all she earned from it was more pain. Nick said he needed a crystal to save his life. That's awfully convenient. Whatever Nick became after he died, pushing around Melissa wasn't the only thing he didn't mind doing. Snapping an innocent man's neck was like child's play.

If the demon was possessing his body and keeping him alive, why wasn't his body rotting? It didn't really matter in the end, as the only one strong enough to end his reign of terror was the one who loved him the most, sweet Melissa.

Melissa's mini meltdown in the hallway at prom was very revealing. She pointed out that their circle was so busy searching for crystals and fighting off deranged bad guys that nobody would ever sign their yearbooks or vote them most likely to... anything. I'm glad they took the time to point out how limited their world as witches has become.

They're virtually cut off from everyone but each other. That's why Diana and Grant seem like they will never have a chance. Melissa at least got to experience one magical moment of dancing with Adam. It was a really sweet gesture.

Party on Faye!
You have to love Faye's spirit. Returning dead friends be damned, she was not going to let anything ruin prom! She was at her witty best and once there she demanded to enjoy the night when she dragged Jake onto the dance floor. It was hard for me to imagine that someone as lovely as she would ever wait around for three hours for him to show up, but that was the tale of their previous prom adventure. She had a lot more forgiveness in her heart than I mine!

Kudos to Jake for taking a moment out of hunting down his demon brother in the middle of a dirty wet junkyard to apologize to Faye for once standing her up. Let's all say it together now, awwwwwwwww.

Cassie and Diana make better friends than enemies.
With Cassie's and Diana's little trek back in time, they learned exactly who John Blackwell was and how he manipulated his circle and all their parents to create their circle. But they had no idea why he did it. It appeared that Elizabeth and Amelia shared the same power struggle within their circle as Cassie and Diana do now. They learned a lot from watching their moms, and the revelations left them both pretty shaken up.

With as few relatives as Cassie had left, you'd think that Diana would have thought through what she said to her, but she slammed Cassie good, blaming everything that happened in two generations on her and Amelia. When Diana got home and Charles confessed a sin of his own, she realized just how much bigger it all was than two teenage girls.

Does anybody believe John Blackwell?
Seriously? Eben got away and took Faye with him? Blackwell, you bastard, I call BS! He had to know the circle was turning against him and the only way to get them to use that last crystal and work with him was to let Eben go and take one of their own with him.

Why else would he send all of the other witches away to help Cassie while he dealt with Eben, knowing fully well he didn't have enough power to take him on? Granted, Faye wanted to stay and help, but what are the odds Faye really slipped from his grasp?

The kicker is that I really have absolutely no idea. From one moment to the next, it's like Blackwell is a ping pong ball going back and forth. One minute I'm certain he's completely evil, and the next I sense good in him. Perhaps the end game will be that he lies somewhere in between, as do we all. The game they are playing with him is freaking fantastic, though. Not being able to determine the truth just makes The Secret Circle all the more compelling.

Join us back her one more time this season next week for The Secret Circle season sinale. Keep your fingers crossed that these two episodes kick some butt in the ratings and we make it to season two. I think the show has definitely earned the privilege, don't you?


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Really hope they renew this show!!!
Also so excitied for Faye and Jake to be happening!
In the webclips it shows Jake trying to rescue her and when he does he passionatly kisses her! Awwwwwwl!


That's too bad they're seriously thinking about cancel the show, now it's getting really interesting ! They sure took their time to warm up, but the stakes seem stronger now than ever. They shoud go deeper into their mythology a.k.a their parents circle and stuf...

Allison berry barbieri

I think, either way, it's one of the biggest plot holes in the show and they need to spend more time (if they get a Season 2) explaining the parent's circle and it's dynamics...

Allison berry barbieri

@AliKat7..that IS a good point...maybe they weren't all in high school. I guess I assumed they were because the current circle is, but it's possible Diana and Cassie's moms were the youngest...

Allison berry barbieri

@Elyse, agreed! That is the part that is infuriating me as well!


part 2 Although I loved this episode in general the plots have holes in them. Including Faye staying behind to help Blackwell in the first place. She's never been one to volunteer to be the biggest baddest defender - especially of someone she knows is evil and trying somehow to hurt the circle. I thought Cassie told them all that Blackwell was using them and had their parents too - or am I remembering that wrong? Also - Faye, wear lipstick. Normally I don't notice people's makeup but she looked very pale at the prom and I finally figured out it was the lack of lipstick. Why would she dress up so much and not put on lipstick? lol


Its possible that Amelia and Diana's mom were the only two in high school and the other mothers were a few years older. They never said the circle was all the same age - just the same generation. If they were all in high school that was a serious plot hole by the writers IMO Especially since Jake is older than Nick so his parents would have had him already. This was a good episode. I feel so bad for Diana. She was a brat towards Cassie but she just saw her mother's side of the story, right after finding out that her 'father' isn't her real father but John Blackwell is. And now she has to deal with the fact her father(Charles) murdered Cassie's mother. So basically she went from 1 good dad to 1 good dad, 1 bad dad, & 1 half sister, and now she's found out that both her dads are bad. And she can't tell Cassie or Cassie will kill Charles. I honestly don't think Diana could protect him if Cassie tried because that would be some serious rage in a witch with some powerful dark magic that she has problems controlling under stress. Melissa and Adam need to hook up. They are good for each other. But at the same time, he's a good guy friend for her to have. I really like Faye with Jake. One thing that stuck out was at the prom Faye - who normally wears a lot of makeup - wasn't wearing any lipstick. That struck me as odd and I rarely notice people's makeup. She looked very pale and sickly at times because of it. Also - why did she choice to stick around and help John? She's not the strongest witch by herself and knew he was bad. Why would she care?? It just seemed like a very odd thing for her to choice to stay behind to help someone, knowing that he's evil. It was too convenient - I think the writers got lazy on that point. I do wonder if John didn't let Evan take Faye. Maybe he and Evan are working together to get the crystal skull. Their fight didn't last more than a few minutes - only time enough for Nick to be killed and then it was pretty much over. Weird.


I liked this episode a lot. While some of it didn't make sense, due to faulty writing, the acting was fantastic, especially from Gale Harold and Shelley Hennig who make a great father/daughter team.
I liked Faye's one-liners, and Jake looked hot dressed up for prom, but I don't like the romance, it stalls the plot and if they aren't naked it isn't worth it.
I liked Melissa and Adam together in the last two episodes, and I liked them in this one until it looked like they were being pushed into a relationship.
If the only way to kill Nick before was by drowning him, how was Melissa able to kill him this time with a knife?
Why did Faye think she could help--alone they have no magic except the dark magic Cassie (and presumably Diana) has, and Faye doesn't have magic. What was she trying to do?
Diana just learned that Amelia had known Blackwell was evil, and Diana completely blamed Amelia (and Cassie) for bringing him into their lives. If she got home and realized what Charles was talking about (a huge leap, it seemed) wouldn't she have reacted like "oh, you killed her for bringing Blackwell into our lives and him killing my mom" and not by running out of the house and into Grant's arms? I didn't buy the writers' logic there at all, though Shelley Hennig was great.
It's seriously icky that six teenage girls in one small group at a small town high school all got pregnant at the same time, and their parents (who would have known each other because they were all witches, and hey, it's a small town) never figured out something was going on. Is the CW trying to promote teen pregnancy? Are we really supposed to believe they had kids, got married (except Amelia?) went back to school, and were back to their size 0 bodies in time for finals? And no one thought this was weird?


okay wtf is up with the ages of their parents!! Especially Nick and Jake... Jake is like 20, so.. their parents were like 14 and married when they had him? Is the back story seriously that they (the parents) were all still in high school during the boatyard fire? and married with children? Someone please answer this!! It is driving me crazy and seems like a huge loophole to have not discussed. Like even if (as the last episode alluded to) there was some magical reason for them all getting pregnant at the same time, it's clearly an odd situation to just have avoided addressing for like 20+ episodes.

Sarah silva

The circle's moms got pregnant because John did a spell to have Nick, Melissa,Faye and Adam's mom's get pregnant as he did with Cassie and Diana's moms. He had the plan all along to make his own powerful circle out of their kids.

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