The Secret Circle Review: Two Balcoins Are Better Than One

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Wow! Where do you even start with an episode that was as jam packed as "Family?" The Secret Circle didn't go out with a whimper, although more than one of our witches could be heard doing just that as their lives were hanging in the balance.

Should we be blessed with a second season, there would be no reason to revisit the slaughter of the circle's parents, or to wonder what happened to the living parents' magic. There would be no drinking games at home with the word crystal (sorry, drunkards) and the circle wouldn't be looking over their shoulder for Eben.

A whole new era of The Secret Circle was opened by the time the show ended, and I would tune in without hesitation.

How could they save Faye?
That was definitely the biggest question of the night and the circle was divided. Together their magic was strongest, but the skull, if they put it together with Blackwell, was supposed to be the most bad ass weapon against witch hunters on the planet. If it was only John who said that, doubt would have crept in, but they had Jake's grandfather to consider, as well. Why would he lie about its powers?

As half the circle went to the ferry to try to rescue Faye, Diana and Cassie went to Blackwell to attend to the skull.

Dark Magic Users

The skull
Putting the skull together was a piece of cake. Cassie and Diana felt the force of its magic immediately, and it seemed to also give them a great BS barometer, because for the first time Cassie was able to see through Blackwell's crap. He had no intention of saving Faye and soon the girls were kidnapped. It was so awesome when Cassie tried to kill Diana to force out her dark magic. She took a pretty great chance there. If Diana hadn't resorted to her dark side, I think Cassie would have just murdered her.

Thankfully, Diana was a little peeved after hearing about their four Balcoin siblings spread across the U.S., along with learning that the skull was meant to kill all witches but them and seeing their friends burning to death in front of their eyes. Hi Adam! Thanks for coming to save us, sorry your skin's burning. Be right with you. The plan worked and she kicked Cassie clean out of their holding circle. Two Balcoins are better than one and soon it was Blackwell burning, and dead, in front of them.

Meanwhile, back at the ferry...
Once their circle was unbound Faye easily escaped, but she was trapped inside the ferry. I couldn't believe that Melissa had never been there. Didn't that shock you? All those years and she had never had the urge to see where history went down? They were caught once more and awaiting help from Dawn.

Oops... your magic was destroyed
Charles' mother let him and Dawn know that when she and her friends took their magic back in the day, it was destroyed, never to be returned. So what was it that Charles had been doing with the matches and all that? Voodoo? Did he learn some death tricks by match in the back of a comic book? Help me out because that part was lost on me. Whatever they did, she gave her powers to Charles and Dawn and promised to help Charles redeem himself in Diana's eyes.

Charles took the demons from Eben in the same way Nick took them from Melissa, and then he "killed" himself. Except he turned out to be as dead as Nick. Who knows how that will turn out, but he's going to have some nasty scars. Thanks, mom! Thank goodness he had better spells than demon/undemon or something. He sounded very professional as he took those demons, even if I had no idea what he was doing at the time.

The aftermath
The circle decided to remain unbound. They didn't really have a choice since Diana left town with Grant. They also chose to keep the crystal skull intact in the event they needed it. Jake tasked the boy scout, Adam, with disposing of it properly, but the way he was rubbing it like he had just run into Bruce Willis on the street and couldn't believe his good fortune, I think they may have an addict on their hands. Faye and Melissa are girls who just wanna have fun again, ordering hot cab drivers to their door.

Jake got a gift from his grandfather with what looked like a dead person's ashes and a note to beware the circles that are coming. At the same time, both Diana and Cassie noted the Balcoin symbol burned into their palms and four strangers stood holding hands looking into Chance Harbor.

So. The four Balcoin kids have to had known about each other long before the skull came together. How would they find each other practically overnight? Not to mention be so close as to hold hands on a cliff side? Once again, Blackwell couldn't be trusted. They obviously weren't scattered about as he told Cassie and Diana. Had he gone to them first? Was their magic less powerful as they weren't half siblings?

Will Adam start wearing the skull around his neck like bling and think nobody will notice? Maybe Jake will wear the amulet full of ashes, as well? Cassie was left without a guardian again, and no Charles to take her in. Maybe Dawn will draw the short straw since she has some magic back. Will the new kids walk through the halls of school hand in hand? So many questions, no renewal in sight!!

Yes, I'm making fun of some of the silly possibilities, but it was an excellent finale to a really well thought out season. With a little bump in the road just before the mid season break, things came back under control and on a perfect path for maximum entertainment. No matter what happens with The Secret Circle I will not regret any of the 22 hours I spent watching it. It was great suspense and fun!


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Uncle jackass

It was interesting how packed this episode was. It took the 007 'approach' in packing so much action, you could not really analyze the episode as a whole. I still think that it was a bit of mess, like the TVD finale, but overall it was the better of two. So here's my 2 cents: 1.) @Lucy, I'm not entirely sure but it did look like me as the Demon-binding spell to me. Not 100% sure still. Reminded me of a drawing a zipper. 2.) Daddy Blackwell is one busy, busy Dad. This planting seeds from town to town meets the criteria of Dead beat dad of the year. And he's true intentions are revealed, but he does still care for his incestual family. But he's master plan is actually quite simple and Cassie deduces pretty much everything. What are you trying to do next week? Blackwell: "To Try and Take over the World!!!" RIP Blackwell. 3.)The plot of Faye trying to escape was somewhat disordered, because both Jake and Melissa easily get inside. And the convenient ability to get their single magic seemed an easy escape. 4.) If the series continues, I like the Melissa/Adam interactions. Probably nothing good will come of it, as the books make no mention. 5.) The ending of the other 'Evil secret circles' reminded of Evil Animorphs. I have no idea why? 6.) Maybe CW does have a thing for killing parental figures? Me think-so. 7.) The Series is probably not likely to get renewed, but I'll keep wishing hard with my NO-magic mental abilities! Accio Renovare!! Accio Renovare!

@ Uncle Jackass

I don't have the power to bring them back so I started writing my own fanfic for TSC if you
want more of your favorite witches read this


Awesome finale! Pleaseeee renew it! I think this show can only get better I feel its going to get darker too and that makes for great tv!!


this show started off slow but something told me to stick with it. i am glad i did. this was a solid finale and i hope for a season two, it deserves that much.


I loved both TSC and TVD finales. The Secret Circle's ending is what gave me goosebumps. The 4 Balcoin children at the end (not holding hands- his hands were half hanging out of his pocket) was awesome and made me yell "SEASON 2!!!". I wonder what Cassie is going to do when they find her or what they'll be like. Kind of iffy on how I feel about John's death... I wish Charles really did die along with those damn demons. Ethan needs his magic back since he's the only living parent without magic... Can't wait to see the other circles and what they'll bring to the table. I think it was mentioned before that the other circles aren't like the witches in Chance Harbour. Really hope Grant is a member of another circle and he's got plans for Diana! And what happened to the body Blackwell dug up? I could also swear Charles' mom had a witch hunter knife...


I so strongly want them to renew the secret circle! It has great potential in both characters and plot lines.


RENEW THE SECRET CIRCLE!!!! a few notes to the reviewer: i assume charles had a crystal when he killed amelia; after all, dawn didn't have any powers, but with a crystal she was able to revive a dead student and kill her father-in-law. no voodoo involved. i'm curious to see what happens to charles....the symbol his mother was cutting didn't look at all like the one on the other demon infested girl, heather. rather, it looked like the symbol cassie drew in the school to locate the crystal. hmmm. and finally, the reveal of the other 4 balcoin siblings was ominous, but not weird. the reviewer must have imagined the hand holding bit, cause it ain't in the show. just sayin'.


Excellent. Closed out storylines while creating new ones. RENEW!


I hated this show at first but now it's becoming better than vampire diaries. I just wish Diana would step up and lead the circle like she originally was. Her pouty-goody goody- I- don't-want-dark-magic attitude is annoying me. I wonder if she will ever tell Cassie the truth. Isn't it a coincidence that Diane's mom stayed, and Cassie's mom left, now they are doing the opposite. Something tells me that Grant guy is part of the new circle because what guy would stick around, being walked out on time and time again.


a Tremendous episode!
They need S2 at least to give closure to all the stories they started!
Loved Dawn and Charles steppin up! Finally!
What will happen to Adam and Cassie now!? They got consumed by magic!
The new circle came to town! With 4 members and one of them is Balcoin!
Was great that Faye wanted to be a good friend first and not a gFriend !?
And yes how will things go from here with them having parent to look after them! The only unBelieveble thing was D leaving solo with Grant! She is 16, and no legal guardian! Hello? ANYONE!?
Keep it coming PLEASE!



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We have to get our powers back and help the circle and there is only one person who can make that happen.


The six of us together couldn't stop Samuel and he only had one demon in him, Eben has six!