The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: Gossip Girls

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The Secret Life of the American Teenager is by no means an Emmy winning series but it's usually at least moderately entertaining. Unfortunately the most recent installment entitled "4SnP" (what the heck does that mean?) was just barely tolerable. 

I'm not kidding when I say I was counting the minutes for it to be over. Not even the return of Molly Ringwald, a childhood favorite since her role as Samantha in Sixteen Candles, could turn this episode around. It was just that bad.

Ben & Amy At the Lockers

Nora has personally been one of my favorite characters since she joined the show. I think she is written so well and her character has such humor and wisdom after all of the negative things she has gone through in her life. This is why it comes as no surprise that she dropped my favorite line of the night, one that spoke much more broadly about the episode than just about George (whom she was referring to.) "Ignore him, he's just ignorant."

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The majority of this episode was so stupidly ignorant, it was barely tolerable. It made the youth of America, and even the adults, look like morons. George and Kathleen are the dumbest people and Grace is so awful, I have no idea why Jack is so into her. He could clearly get a lot of girls.

For the record, I am not gay but I was offended by this whole "Amy must be gay, because her mom is" rumor mill. It's not a genetic, contagious thing to be gay! I can't even imagine being around people who would talk like this or who would ever even care to make that association. Normally the word "sex" is dropped 50 million times in an episode and this week the word "gay" took over that honor.

The entire "Anne is gay" storyline has been botched from the start. George's claim had no merit. He was bored and Anne just wasn't that into him anymore. Just because someone doesn't want to sleep with you doesn't mean they are gay. George has nothing better to do that gossip like a househusband. Maybe he should call up Rufus Humphrey.

Then we have Grace who is so insecure and so in denial. I completely understand that she is 17 years old, not that experienced and is a little scared by the fact that she is sexually curious. But take a breath! She and her mother started the whole rumor about the Juergens to begin with. You kissed a girl, it's really not that big of a deal. Gossip sucks, but maybe you should talk to your best friend Adrian about her jealousy issues and need to be the center of attention. I don't feel bad for Grace being the center of a rumor when she often is the one who starts them. 

It just seems like this epic mountain was made out of a molehill for no apparent reason and based on absolutely nothing. Just because Amy's mom might be homosexual she might be too? And just because she isn't marrying Ricky she's suddenly a lesbian? Also the Fourth of July is a gay holiday? That's totally reaching. Who are the uneducated people who write this show and is this really how the youth of America talks? 

Unfortunately I already know the answer to that. Yes, a lot of people are really uneducated and high school is the breeding ground for rumors, gossip, and making up ridiculous things. It's times like these I don't blame Amy for being totally moody.

A few positive things to end on: how cute were Ricky and John playing the drums? Jack's reaction to Grace and Adrian's kiss was kinda classic. I loved seeing Griffin hanging around again and I fully support Leo's decision to not pay 32K for Ben to make out with Dylan. What did everyone else think? I know I was harsh so hit the comments with your own opinions! 


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this episode was not bad i liked it and realisticly teens can be stupid sometimes or act stupid they believe every rumor they hear like gay being genetic or that 4th of july is a gay holiday some teens believe that bull crap to stay with the gossip and yea teens think about sex all the time some way or another it always gets brought up


i started watching this show on netflix and at first it wasn't so bad but now its just stupid. teens don't really talk like that, and the characters are so unrealistic. the only ok one is ricky. amy is SO ANNOYING, like ok u got pregnant you decided to keep the baby so deal with it. stop whining. she is so ungrateful and ben is just dumb. someone really needs to tell them to get a damn life and stop complaining and make it better for the baby. and it would be nice if they stopped talking about sex 90% of the time on every episode. teens aren't like that.


This episode was totally a stupid one. I've been watching the past four seasons on Netflix, and this one is the worst yet. Who thinks that just because there are sparklers and fireworks on a holiday it means it's gay. I guess that also means New Year's is gay too.
Being gay is not a genetic thing. It might be, but there is no proof. A lot of kids have gay parents but those kids aren't gay.
Nora is one of my favorite people on this show. She is well written. And, like they keep saying, George is an idiot, didn't used to be such an idiot, but now he is.
I used to love Ben, but his character has gone way downhill lately.
All Amy and Ricky seem to do now is fight. Why can't the writers start making them a little more happy, especially Amy. I hope this show gets better as it goes along.


I totally agree with this review I used to really like secret life and this season, especially this episode, is so ridiculous and poorly written it's like they just ran out of storylines to use. And It was so aggravating how the rumors of Amy and her mom being gay made everyone start questioning if they're gay like c'mon.


I liked this show but this season is terrible. Why are we talking so much about being gay, there are real problems they could touch on. I won't watch this show anymore because I can't stand it.


That Ashley girl is really annoying. She sounds like a freaking robot.


I couldn't believe this past episode... I haven't missed an episode since this show came on, but lately it's just been painful to watch and last week's episode might have finally been the last straw. What absolutely boggles me is that, not only did they make the point to bring in ignorant opinions concerning gays (Like it's genetic... How ridiculous.), but they didn't bother to put in a strong voice of reason debunking the ludicrous rumors. While I agree that (hopefully) most teenagers aren't as despairingly clueless as they are portrayed in this show, some younger demographics may watch it and actually think this crap is true! I'm ashamed of the writers at this point for fueling these obscenely inaccurate portrayals of the gay community.


This show is such a JOKE! The writing and the acting is terrible! No wonder they make fun of this show every week on E The Soup.


This show is absolute bullcrap. Shit. Garbage. Atrocious. A waste of time on television. That's pretty much all there is to say about it. I have never heard teens speak with the ignorance portrayed on this show. I am a teenager, and I can guarantee there is NO ONE I know who thinks that if a mother is gay then her daughter must be too. I find that this episode was offensive to teenagers. We're not all stupid idiots with an IQ of -1000000000. But the writers of this show who think we actually talk like that aren't the brightest bulbs in the basket. And GEEZ Amy, SMILE for once. God.


omfg! can the writers please make amy happy again. jheez no one and i mean no one should a) be that sad and b)have to suffer by watching her. wtf is up with her. can anyone remember the last time she smiled?? and the writer has obviously lost the plot with all this terrible storylines. and judging from next weeks promo another silly hookup is about to happen, this show needs to end already. is abcfamily promoting teen sex??

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I would never have sex with a girl, they're dramatic, they're emotional, they're fickle. It would be like having sex with myself.


Don't they have something better to do than talk about whether somebody's gay or not?