The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: Wife Number One

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Let's just say it. We've all had enough of Amy's bad mood at this point. "Strange Familiar" was a perfect title for an episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager that revisited a lot of old stories but with a slightly new twist.

Can someone please tell me why Betty is hanging around? Does Leo have no one to hang out and confide in besides his ex wife? He's going to screw things up with his current love Camille because he seems to have no appropriate friends to discuss things with.

The Ricky Look

The big issues in this episode was Wife Number One. I'm talking about Kathleen and George, Adrian and Ben, and Kathleen and Marshall. 

Despite the fact that Amy has a two year old son (how is he not older?) we all know that she acts like a petulant child a lot of the time and let's face it, she really is only 17 years old. She also has a father who is not the most mature individual on the planet and she's often left with him as her sole guardian. Sorry Molly Ringwald, I said it. In fact, I think Ricky's ex drug addict mom is truly the most maternal one around these days. I don't know why nobody trusts her to do some simple babysitting for an hour!

George is obviously bored, frustrated, and still in love with his first wife Kathleen who is now divorcing her third husband. Amy only wants him to be in love with her mother and starts ugly crying (yes refer to New Girl for an education in ugly crying) when Nora opines that George still loves Kathleen. I know divorce is hard but truthfully if your parents aren't in love with each other but they are still caring and cordial co-parents then isn't that the best you can ask for?

I've never felt so bad for a child on this show as I did for the oft-neglected Robbie last night when Amy burst through Kathleen's door and thrust him into George's arms. "Here's your kid." This is an effing toddler for Pete's sake. He didn't do anything wrong. The look on his face broke my heart. I feel like the kids on this show are such an afterthought it's upsetting to me. 

The other person Kathleen was a first wife for was Marshall Beauman though apparently she wasn't his first love. Grace finds out when she's bonding with her half brother Jacob, whom I actually really enjoy, that Marshall met Jacob's mother in medical school and they were in love. It just goes to show how well you think you know your own family. Everyone has secrets.

The other "Wife Number One" in this episode was Adrian. She was upset about getting divorced at 18, which is obviously traumatic as was her whole experience with Ben and the losing the baby. When Dylan found out Ben was going to get some closure and discuss things with his soon to be ex wife, she decided she needed to know her week old boyfriend's ex wife better. Code red Ben, code red! This is not the merging of families where your new wife needs to know your ex wife because she is the mother of your children. Dylan showed up at Adrian's door like a psycho. This is like some Fatal Attraction sh*t.

On that note, I leave you with my Secret Life quotes of the week. What did everyone think of this week's episode? Hit the comments! 


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Marrissa almost NOBODY want Ricky with Adrian, it was a shallow i don't even know if i could call that 'relationship' where Adrian was pathetic and Ricky did not care, treated her like garbage..oups i meant a sex toy.
Right now Amy is awful that's right but i get it is a way for writers to try to make a 17/18 years old girl who had a baby too soon realistic..a rude brat she is indeed, me thinks Ricky will be fed up..he already becoming to lose his patience..very soon and she will have to rethink of her behaviour, being quite insighful, eat some crow and obviously try everything to keep her boyfriend who when he is hurt has the tendency to cheat...But i think at the end of the day they are together for a long run when the show will, is showing Amy and Ricky flaws and how they will overcome them in order to keep their relationship, they really love each other and it is maybe the first time they feel something like that for somebody..imho..and me thinks i think right..


I could care less about Amy's Parents and their love interests as well as Grace & Bens Parents.
I like te possibility of Amy & Ben being friends again maybe reuniting? I'm done with Amy and Ricky she's annoying I want Ricky and adrien back


I meant to say Joseph really makes you believe that he and Grace could be stepsiblings


You hit the nail on the head with this review. There were plots in this episode that really had potential like Kathleen and George still being in love with one another, Mr. Beauman still being in love with his med school sweetheart, Grace's stupid yet understandable competition with Joseph over their dad, Nora's opportunity to finally babysit; but then the episode had to pair it with stupid plots like Anne still possibly being gay, the kids being foisted around the neighborhood, Dylan, Amy's attitude, baby Jon is still catatonic, Leo's relationship with Betty. The writers know when they have good storylines on their hands. Unfortunately, they're contractually obligated to try to give every character a plotline so we get good with really bad. The worst part is they can't realistically bring in more people (since they're already bloated) so we have to cycle through really incestuous plotlines. And I actually like Joseph at this point. He's Grace's match so he really makes you believe they could be step siblings.

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So you want me to get up in the middle of the night and leave my own son so you can go help wife number one?

Amy [to George]

Oh no, I don't babysit. No one lets me babysit ever.