The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 113

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Forget Original vs. Salvatore wars. The 113th edition of The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest featured one significant Storage War, as a photo taken from the Season 3 finale was the subject of many hilarious submissions.

But while the pickings made it tough, we awarded this week's top prize to Kylee Shields, considering that reader's reference to the A&E reality show. It's a tad specific, but trust us. It's funny.

Check out the winner below and then put your thinking cap right back on. We post a new contest every Friday!

Alaric Caption

Now that's the wow factor! Yuupppppp!

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Alaric: knock knock run is even better in a storage unit!


Alaric: * knock knock knock *
Damon: who's there?
Alaric: the mailman!
Damon: sorry no ones home!


Alaric: If I complete this challenge, I can totally go on the Amazing Race!


i wonder whats behind door number three


No one can refuse this: knock, knock, knock, knock,knock....shave and a hair cut
........ come on you know the rest!!!


aren't we*


Alaric: Come on Damon...Aren't a little old for hide-and-seek?


Alaric: Damn! No hot girl who I can hook up with until she turns into a vampire. I knew I should have picked door #3.


Homeless teacher lives in storage unit? Nah, I think I'll move into my dead ex-girlfriend's teenage niece's house instead


Alaric (thinking to himself): If I were an Original vampire, stuck in a coffin because some witch managed to desiccate me...wouldn't I be pissed?

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