The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 114

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Welcome back to the 114th edition of The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest!

Your Caption Contest winner is DamonLurve. Congrats on a job well done.

Honorable mentions for the photo from "Do Not Go Gentle" - relive our TVD review of the episode - go to Dawn in Denver, eleanor and Mila. Thanks to all for playing and good luck again next time!

New Caption Photo

Caroline: You may be the Alpha Male, but I am not your easy A!

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Klaus: May I have this dance?
Caroline: Why should I?
Klaus: Because puppy dog over there is staring daggers, and I like danger


Klaus: If you're going to make puppies with Tyler tonight, just come with me,
Caroline: Excuse me?
Klaus: Oh, come on, love. We all know Tyler can only give you Labradors, and I can give you Golden Retrievers.
Caroline: Go watch MTV. I'm never gonna be a Teen Mom for crying out loud.


Klaus: how you doing???


caroline:"ahh its getting harder to klaus or beastly tyler"


Caroline:"ahh its getting harder to choose ...seky klaus or beastly tyler"


klaus : Give it to me! Caroline : uh huh...MAKE ME!


Caroline: "If he thinks I am touching that hand, he is sadly mistaken."


Caroline: "Obviously, Klaus, I am well aware that you are hotter, better, richer, smarter, and sexier than Tyler."


The Way you look tonight ;)

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The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

Elena: I didn't tell you that so you could torture me about it.
Caroline: What are friends for?

Damon is too arrogant to think his only friend would betray him.