The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Before Sunset"

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Klaus can't really be gone... can he? One brother won't really leave town... will he? Matt doesn't really think he's like a ninja... does he?

All of these pressing Vampire Diaries topics, courtesy of the latest insanely awesome episode, "Before Sunset," are tackled below by your TV Fanatic Round Table team of Matt Richenthal, Steve Marsi, Dan Forcella and Eric Hochberger. Gather around and jump in now!


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Call me sticky and pour me on pancakes, because I'm a sap these days. From last week's unanimous favorite scene - the group saying goodbye to Alaric - to this week's kitchen-based toast, I'm getting a kick out of seeing the friends gathering together so often. Too bad one of them will clearly be dead one week from today.

Eric: Can I pick the whole episode? Man, that was good! If I had to pick one, and this is damn near impossible in one of the best episodes in years, I'd say Klaus trying to get invited in. Damn funny that no vampire has thought of that prior. Soccer balls, propane tanks and picket fences are a winning formula.

Steve: Just because it was so unexpected and brutal, Alaric trying to coerce Elena to off Caroline. Beyond intense. Can you imagine if Elena became Dark-laric's apprentice? As a runner-up I have to second Eric's answer. It's like a light bulb went on in the writers' room and they realized that a vampire not allowed into someone's home could still, hypothetically, respond by wreaking havoc outside if they were so inclined.

Dan: As the lone member of Team Klaroline, my favorite scene was when my boy Klaus tenderly grabbed the blonde beauty, and made sure she got away from Dark-laric safely. How dare everyone treat him so poorly later in the episode!!!!

Vampire Diaries RT - depreciated -

Is this really - gulp! - the last we've seen of Klaus?
Matt: For awhile. The show simply can pull an Alaric (and, no, Eric, by that, I don't mean be awesome) here. It can't essentially kill a character one moment and then just bring him back again so quickly. But eventually? You know what they say about Atlantic Ocean tides? They cannot contain a hybrid forever.

Steve: Did he burn up? Is he not one of the best characters on the show? Then no. At least I hope not, since I'm semi-convinced Dan Forcella was also sired by his bloodline.

Dan: Don't you ever say that again, Mr. Moderator! If this is the last we have seen of Klaus, I might as well never stop crying. He is too strong and powerful to be taken down so swiftly. If all the rest of these jokers can die and come back to life eight times over, I know Klaus will be back to put a smile on my face.

Eric: Of course not. Why do you think they merely desicated him? It wasn't just to keep Tyler and the rest of his line (do we believe him that it includes Stefan and Damon??) alive. It was so Julie Plec could bring back her second favorite original any time she wanted without a Ghost World crutch. And trust me, Transformers taught us burying super villain in the ocean does not work. Also, next time boys, use the Pacific.  I'm thinking James Cameron style in the Mariana Trench.

More surprising development: Elena being tied to Klaus, the losing Salvatore brother leaving town or Matt actually thinking he could have helped?
Matt: Matt did help. He totally ganked that liquor from The Grill! I can't go with the sibling agreement, either, because I don't think it will remain intact. But I let out an audible gasp when Elena figured out the connection, especially after a certain member of this Round Table texted me last week and asked why Elena had to be present at Esther's Dark-laric ceremony. This anonymous fan will remain nameless, but you should have more faith in Julie Plec, Steve.

Steve: The Salvatores' overly rational, seemingly scripted discussion about when Elena decides. How could they just agree to that so matter-of-factly? I get that their bond has been stronger lately and that their joint love for her might keep things civil, but it was downright congenial, even a little upbeat. It felt forced, like a two-minute scene written with the sole purpose of hyping up next week's finale.

Dan: All surprising, but the most interesting was Elena being tied to Dark-laric. It was a great way to make it so this character could in fact die, but also a way to keep him alive. Nobody wants Elena to die, with the exception of some viewers, so figuring out how to beat Dark-laric will just be another challenge our favorite characters will have to face.

Eric: Please, another man tied to Elena? Hardly shocking on this show. Or really any decision a man makes involving her. Now Matt thinking for just one second he's useful? Ridiculous. You kill one little Original and suddenly you think you deserve in that round of celebratory shots?

Worse shot to take: blood or tequila?
Matt: Bloody tequila.

Steve: Blood. When I took some over the holidays the year before last I found the hangover was terrible, with an alarming lack of supernatural powers.

Dan: How about tequila after you lost that much blood? There is a possibility that one of the Salvatores fed her on the way home, right? But if not, that was about the dumbest thing Elena could have done. How about instead of celebrating with a party, you go get some rest?

Eric: Blood. Can never drink that stuff again after my spring break in Mexico. Now a nice glass of Herradura with a single cube? It's like a nice scotch you can have with a burrito.

Predict one death on the season finale.
Matt: The death of Stelena. She's going Damon. That's how I translate this TVD finale photo.

Steve: Matt, for obvious reasons. SPOILER ALERT: I just saw an ad for a full-time position at the Grill on Mystic Falls Craigslist.

Dan: My head says Dark-laric, due to Matt Davis' pilot for next fall, but my prediction will instead be Matty.  What do we need him for?

Eric: Man, I hope I'm wrong, but my favoritest character ever on TVD: Alaric. Even in dark serial killer form, he's still a a great parent teaching Elena life skills. Now that's how you parent, Tanning Mom.


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