The Walking Dead Season 3: A Day on Set

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Dear fans of The Walking Dead: You are invited to spend a day on the set of this AMC smash.

The network has released a new, behind-the-scenes promo for season three, which will premiere this fall and take Rick and the survivors to a brand new setting (a prison) and find them interacting with brand new character (Michonne, The Governor).

It will be a "journey to the unknown," we're told below, both a foreboding and intriguing season for season three. Spend some time with The Walking Dead cast members now and get an idea of what's to come:

UPDATE: Get your first look now at Michonne!

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Shoulda' used my normal username, this, instead of Eric, bellow. oops


I am, like, the BIGGEST Walking Dead fan ever! I am soo excited... nervous but excited...


I am soooooooooo looking forward to season three. I still watch season one from time to time. The cast is great and I am looking forward to seeing who returns from season one. The creators and writers are teasing us.............


Is it October yet ?


Can't wait to watch my show

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