TV Ratings Report: A Happy Glee Goodbye

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The American Idol lead-in and the anticipation of William McKinley student graduation helped Glee garner its most viewers since February for last night's finale. How did other Tuesday programs fare?

We're so glad you asked...

Glee Seniors

8 p.m.
American Idol: 14.4 million viewers
America's Got Talent: 5.2 million
Dancing with the Stars rerun: 8.7 million
NCIS Los Angeles rerun: 7.4 million
Hart of Dixie: 888,000

9 p.m.
America's Got Talent: 9.3 million
Dancing with the Stars Finale: 17.4 million
Glee: 7.6 million
NCIS rerun: 9.1 million
The L.A. Complex: 448,000

10 p.m.
NCIS rerun: 9.2 million
Dateline: 5 million

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Glee is not relatable to most ppl; poor recycled storylines; over rated B rated actors with a few exceptions; autotuned to death singing; unhealthy codependent teen relationships poorly performed by 30 year olds....This show needs to rest and end on the final episode.


Glad to see Glee is still hanging in there. This is a fun show. Hope it stays on for many more years to come.


i can't believe the cw is still playing the la complex..
stupid channel!


It's pretty sad that people judge glee without ever seeing it. It has an element to it that is missing from most television shows, it's fun, has a great storyline and haracters that are relatable for most people. Glad to see their ratings back up :)


It's pretty funny that the NCIS rerun still got more viewers than Glee.