TV Ratings Report: XO, X-NO

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Does Gossip Girl still know viewers love it? That question must now be raised, following ratings that plummeted for last night's episode, taking the series below one million total viewers.

On the brighter side for The CW, Hart of Dixie held steady and is looking like a surer bet for a season two pick-up...

Blair, Dan

8 p.m.
The Voice: 10.5 million viewers
2 Broke Girls: 8.8 million
Dancing with the Stars: 16 million
Bones: 6.9 million
Gossip Girl: 869,000

9 p.m.
Two and a Half Men: 11.2 million/Mike & Molly: 10.1 million
House: 6.9 million
Hart of Dixie: 1.3 million

10 p.m.
Castle: 12.5 million
Hawaii Five-0: 9.2 million
Smash: 5.9 million

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Oh wow GG's ratings are terrible! LOL! Everyone says this but it's true: it's not about the ratings, it's about revenue. We don't know how much GG garners from advert deals, iTunes sales, etc. I would go out on a limb and say GG is definitely making more money in its 5th season than HoD is in its 1st. Not to mention GG has a crazy devoted core audience that's more likely to hang in after a 3 month summer break (well as long as the show runners don't piss off many more fans though, jeez). GG is on shaky grounds and it totally sucks, it really deserves to be cancelled because there's better quality programming on the CW right now, but I think it will still be renewed for a shortened 6th season.


IF AND THIS IS A BIG IF...should GG be picked up again which it most def. should next weeks ep, looks tight with serena and Dan and Chuck and blair. I wouldn't be surprised to see nate have a smaller roll next season but I also couldn't care less as long as it returns to finish out strong. This has been a great season and Ivy honestly is a chill character I enjoy her scheming ways a lot more then LOLA lol, might as well keep the LOL and take out the A because her name is a joke.


GG is awesome, a lot of people watch it on DVR which sucks because most people watching GG now actually have real jobs soo..watching live is kinda difficult.


No one wants to see GG anymore. The writers ruined it. I think they should keep Secret Circle and Hart of Dixie instead.


Why produce a single ep of GG anymore!? this is really sad :(
Why kick of a great show like The SC or HoD? For this! I must say it was a solid episode but cut it already! NO S6 PLEAS!

Sarah silva

Yeah H50! I think it still finished 2nd as the Castle fans watched it live as it was the finale. However I am an H50 girl! I did record Smash and it had a big jump from last week.
HOD did good to!
Sorry Gossip Girl fans, I think this is the end for the show.