Two and a Half Men Review: A Harper from Hell

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Ladies and Gentlemen, that is how you bring the hedonistic playboy Charlie Harper back to life on network  television!

If I could rate tonight’s episode only on Kathy Bates' performance, I would give it a shining five stars - but that is not how this works. The veteran actress delivered an award-winning performance, absolutely, yet the episode was lacking in certain parts. Let’s delve in to "Why We Gave Up Women," shall we?

Kathy Bates on Two and a Half Men

For starters, Walden actually choked when he was about to get rid of Zoey and Ava, as emotions got involved and he had to change plans. His refusal to send his lady and her child packing caused Alan’s heart attack.

From that point on, the entire installment went downhill... to somewhere dark and dreadful, a path this show treads so well. The episode featured the normal low-brow jokes, a staple for Two and a Half Men of course. Specifically, the ghost in the bowling shirt kept referring to his/her (its?) privates.

For the past few episodes, Alan has been painted as a pathetic parasite that no one cares for, especially his mother and always-high son. But tonight he decided to graduate from a leech to roach and stand up on his two feet. Like I said two weeks ago, these guys get As for effort, but fail totally and completely for the actual results. Here, Alan failed in his rejuvenation attempt and had to fake a heart attack.

Walden and the rest of crew were involved in B-plots tonight, which was fine by me, as most of the episode was reserved for the Harper brothers' reunion. Even from Hell, Charlie decided to still torment his younger brother. (Note: Alan is really gullible). Tricking him so that Alan would leave his house is so vintage Charlie Harper, and the constant references to sex just remind us viewers how much we miss a certain Sheen.

Sorry, Jon Cryer, if anyone deserves an award tonight, it should be Kathy Bates. So, what are thoughts on the unusual episode? Did you expect more or did you enjoy the installment? Have your say below. And don’t forget to check out our Two and a Half Men quotes page for vintage Charlie zingers and jokes.


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Too bad. Kathy Bates is actually a very good actress. But look at this episode as what it is: once again they have to call in Charlie Sheen's character to pump up the ratings! I mean invoking Charlie Harper yet again??? And they have to call in back up from Kathy Bates dressed up in Charlie's/Chuck's bowling shirt? Does this tell you how desperate this show is without Sheen?


I watch some of the Housewives, too, Angela guilt free! And Bethenny's show makes me laugh out loud, and without all the mean girl atoicn. What's not to love about that?


This episode was the only one that made me even remotely laugh this season. i love Kathy Bates as an actress, and she got Charlie's mannerisns down well, and delivered the lines really well. Other than that episode, the rest of the season has been wasted on a pot head son, and a masturbating chiropractor who hasnt worked lately. The show needs more of the original characters, like the mother, who is a scream, Judith and Herb, and more Berta. Fitting Rose in there would be good as well. of course, the best thing the show could do was make up with Charlie Sheen and get the show back on the road.


i want Zoe to go away. She is a horrible woman. Waldon needs to go back to being a womanizer. Cathy Bates was amazing :-) who played the doctor (young Chinese man)? I love that guy, but can't think of his name.


This season has been a bust. Charlie Sheen WAS Two and a Half men. Jon Cryer was much better in the first few seasons of the show, but this disgusting character he plays now is not only revolting, but tired. I am beginning to dislike him as a person, not only as a character. Less jon Cryer and more of the other characters. I agree that it is heart breaking to see our sweet, funny Jake as a kid, turn into whatever he is today...a waste. His situation adds nothing to the show, and Waldon,... I can't even..... Bring on the reruns with my beloved and funny Charlie!


The new season has ticked along, seems its in survival mode but Ashton is just about doing a job.. However, as the relevance to this Walden character starts to raise questions due they remind the viewers of the strength in depth it has in characters.. it could of bought back Herb, Rose or maybe Judith for some decent airtime!? but no!! the writers decided to remind us all how much we miss Charlie. Brill script and the, ALAN-''ive been going through some rough times''.. CHARLIE- ''you look like you've been through a propeller'' was classic Harper brother banter!! Oh how the show misses it. this episode has actually clarified how backwards the show has gone since Sheen left and from the producers point of view i ask them- why remind us?


Oh, and I just noticed Kathy Bates isn't wearing shorts the way Charlie Sheen used to. She's wearing jeans, which Charlie never wore.


It was funny that Alan could use his real heart attack to make his fake heart attack believable and it was so funny when he lay in bed and said: "I'd like to thank the academy. There are no small parts, only small apartments." Two And A Half Men has always offended some people. It used to be the sex jokes and of course still is. But now it's more about what a leech Alan is, and again some people get offended. That's one of the reasons I like this show, that it challenges what is considered comically correct.


I watched the first episode, to see how Ashton was going to fit in the revamped show and I liked him. I thought that maybe they would get away from all the drunken, hungover, womanizing crap and entertain me. Sadly they have made Jon Cryer's character beyond a loser, they have made him practically unredeemable and all I can think of when I watch this is how in the hell does he still have visitation rights to his son? I'm done. Give everyone a pat on the back for the effort but the writers have given up, the rest of you might as well too.

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Two and a Half Men Season 9 Episode 22 Quotes

Walden: How are you feeling?
Alan: Fantastic, I am on a morphine drip, everyone should have a morphine drip, and there will be no more drips.

Jake: Honest to God, someone put that pot in my locker.
Walden: Why would someone do that?
Jake: That my friend, is the million dollar question.