Two and a Half Men Review: Graduation

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Simply put, this Two and a Half Men season has been tepid. During some installments, it has been flaming hot, but, for the most part, it has been Alaska cold.

This kind of change is understandable, seeing as there was a new inhabitant in the Malibu beach house and some adjustments necessary for Ashton Kutcher in the role of Walden. But we're looking forward to the fall and a fresh start, hopefully, for all the characters.

Alan & Lindsey Argue

Fortunately, “Oh Look, Al-Qaeda” gives us hope. it was one of the best episodes of the season. For one, it was a Jake-centric half hour. And, with Eldridge backing him up, the installment was simply superb.

Jake Harper has grown up, but he is not yet mature. He does not have an idea of what he is going to do after graduation, and boy, how many of us have been in that situation?

In terms of cliffhangers and plot development, other than Jake joining the Army, the show did not offer much tonight, only the fear for Jake and our country, seeing as he wants to be in charge of drones. Will we get to see Jake in full military regalia come fall? For the sake of our country - and Alan - let's hope not.

Overall, this season has not been the best, but seeing as the show is renewed for at least one one, we can at least wonder whether it can ever return to Charlie-based form. Will you be watching in September? What did you think of tonight’s episode? Sound off below, and don’t forget to visit our Two and a Half Men quotes page.

Until September, TV Fanatics. Go and be all you can be.


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An absurd and ridiculously recycled bit of trash with weak actors who depended on Charlie Sheen and now they hitched their wagon to the Ashton Kutcher Twitter-sphere. Well that didn't work out too well did it? Crude and abnoxious... Courtney Thorne-Smith, Jenny McCarthy... threesomes... need I say anymore? Don't get me started on Ashton's horrible acting. Bring back Melissa and Candy if you're that desperate for a t&a bounce on this sad, sad excuse for what used to be Two and a Half. I watch the reruns with Sheen.


The show sucks... Plain and simple...Charlie Sheen was right when he said the writing on the show was horrible...last season proved that!


This show stinks. Bringing Ashton in was the first mistake. He cannot act, isn't funny, and his character is portrayed as stupid and childish. Jon Cryer's character is just plain annoying and his character is portrayed as a mooching loser. What will it take to show that this show deserves a decent burial. They should have let it die when Charlie Sheen left. His acting and timing was excellent. He was "Two and a Half Men." I guess ego is what is making this show go on.


The show is sick. Ashton is a failure. And the rest of the actors are struggling. The jokes are raunchy and tasteless. Kill the show and bring us something worth watching. This is TV watching at it's worst.


If Charlie Sheen and Ashton Kutcher work together why not bring Charlie back as a ghost and offers advice to both Ashton and Allen. Sometimes Charlie can be a devil or have a halo over his head as he gives advice. Allen is able to see and hear although Aston is only able to hear. Allen gets advice both by seeing and hearing and Aston gets only to hear but when Ashton hears him Allen can't. You can make Charlie say "it's a thing, you know" charlie just thinks his brother is an eavesdropper so he has a block thing on his brother.


I like the show, but I believe that we should see more of Alans ex-wife and Herb. I think some of the best episodes were when they were included.


Ashton is so totally wrong for the concept of this show. The writers don't give him many funny lines and those that are supposed to be funny just aren't. The whole premese of Alan living there is rediculous. At least if Alan still owned the house and was renting it out it would make more sense. This concept just assumes the audience is a bunch of idiots and will accept any scenario that is presented. In order for the humor to be acceptable, there has to be some basis in reality. This story line is totally unbelievable. John Stamos would have been a far better choice.


It seems to me that the writers for this show have fallen into a comma. The whole show has totally changed and not for the better. The writers are having a problem with being able to balance the characters personalities. Alan has become totally unlikeable and no longer someone that we can laugh at. Rather we cringe at his stinginess, at his total lack of pride and he is so repulsive that it makes no sense that someone like Lindsay could possibly love him. There is nothing loveable about him. Jake is the kind of son that most parents would never admit to owning. He is not cleaver, he is not even likeable. He is just stupid. They had a chance a long time ago when he showed an interest in going to culinart school. There could have been a lot of funny scenes with that endeavor. Again the writers have lost the ability to give these guys some balance. Charlie was a drunken womanizer but he never pretended to be otherwise and he was very generous. He eve understood some of the errors of his ways and tried to make amends. We loved him for it. He understood human nature. Charlie evolved but Alan and Jake devolved.


I own the first eight seasons amd i grew up with this show to see Charlie Sheen gone and now Possibly Angus T Jones's character not returning I am not at all impressed I do not think Alan and Walden can carry the show on their own it just won't happen, plus why is Alan so cheap now he doesn't have alamony he doesn't pay rent or for anything else what the hell is that? Im really sad that it has lost a good amount of the humor i used to see hell i can quote the majority of the previous seasons because they were worth it but now there isn't a single line i remember off by heart in this season, i think it's kinda just a joke now.


I am tired of hearing people say it's not the same without Charlie. First off, every single episode was the same with Charlie in it. Charlie sleeps with various women, drinks too much and his brother gets nothing. Each episode the exact same thing, initially novel, then boring and predictable. This combined with knowing what a greedy bastard he is in real life, is enough to make me not miss him at all! At least Ashton is nice to look at, plus he plays a role in which he is respectful towards women. That's nice and refreshing! The writing is just OK, but I can say that when Charlie was on too. I still watch, I don't expect much, but there is something that keeps me watching regardless of whether Charlie or Ashton are on. The show can be better with improved writing, not with bringing back Charlie. Charlie was a loser, both on and off the show.

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Two and a Half Men Season 9 Episode 24 Quotes

Alan: This is serious; you will never amount to anything, if you sleep all day.
Walden: Morning.
Jake: I am sorry; I was just distracted by the naked billionaire that just woke up.

Don't worry about me, worry about our nation's enemies.