Two and a Half Men Review: Graduation

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Simply put, this Two and a Half Men season has been tepid. During some installments, it has been flaming hot, but, for the most part, it has been Alaska cold.

This kind of change is understandable, seeing as there was a new inhabitant in the Malibu beach house and some adjustments necessary for Ashton Kutcher in the role of Walden. But we're looking forward to the fall and a fresh start, hopefully, for all the characters.

Alan & Lindsey Argue

Fortunately, “Oh Look, Al-Qaeda” gives us hope. it was one of the best episodes of the season. For one, it was a Jake-centric half hour. And, with Eldridge backing him up, the installment was simply superb.

Jake Harper has grown up, but he is not yet mature. He does not have an idea of what he is going to do after graduation, and boy, how many of us have been in that situation?

In terms of cliffhangers and plot development, other than Jake joining the Army, the show did not offer much tonight, only the fear for Jake and our country, seeing as he wants to be in charge of drones. Will we get to see Jake in full military regalia come fall? For the sake of our country - and Alan - let's hope not.

Overall, this season has not been the best, but seeing as the show is renewed for at least one one, we can at least wonder whether it can ever return to Charlie-based form. Will you be watching in September? What did you think of tonight’s episode? Sound off below, and don’t forget to visit our Two and a Half Men quotes page.

Until September, TV Fanatics. Go and be all you can be.


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i have loved this show since it started but its not the same without Charlie.
Please bring him back, they managed it with Bobby in Dallas!


As a fan of Old Two and a Half Men the show has no steam left in it, Walden was and still isn't that great of a character. He still seems like a stand in that doesn't even fit with the show. Jake being a complete idiot got old during the seventh season and the jokes about being a pothead are just lazy writing on the part of the writers. Alan's character really being the brunt of most of the jokes isn't all that funny anymore especially when the facts are not right. Alimony is done to both Exes and here is where they messed up BIG TIME was Jake's 18th birthday. Graduation should have been a 2 parter like the premiere. But in all truthful seriousness this show ended when they killed off Charlie Sheen's character. So please for the love of god PULL THE PLUG.


Used to be a huge fan, but this has become a humorless, contrived piece of junk.


I heard that Jake and Berta was going to Charlies new show anger management


I don't think this series has anywhere left to go. Walden has matured and moved on with his life after his breakup with Bridget. Alan struggled to pay child support and alimony to two women but now that all those responsibilities have ended he has no more reason to be a cheap, conniving leach. Jake could branch out on his own if the public really wants to see the life and times of an uneducated slacker and his friend...Jake and Eldridge's Excellent Adventure, anyone? Two and a Half Men is painful to watch and it would be humane to put it (and us) out of our misery.


I still like the show and I hope that they don't get rid of Jake. I think if the riders expand their imagination they can use the Army angle and really make it funny. Gomer Pyle was great and I think we could use some military comedy, it has to be better than the stupid so called "reality" shows that are dumb, boring and if the show does have good writers then it their fault if the show does not do well because the characters are there--they just need the dialogue to make it or break it. Charlie was good but there is NO "I" in teamwork and Charlie can be great but his "I" in the middle of the "Lie" in his problem life. Unfortunately, Drugs do so much damage in all of our lives.


Chuck Lorre and the others need to end the show after next season, it just is not the same and since Big Bang Theory and Mike & Molly have grown in popularity, it really doesn't feel like Men is receiving the same attention it needs to continue to be successful. I am looking forward to Charlie Sheen returning to TV in Anger Management in June. I hope the writers give him a lot of leeway with dialogue and hope that the Men creators will see what a mistake they made in letting him go.


...high school, the fact that his graduation was glossed over so easily and only showed Jake/Eldridge, once again, getting high and eating. Turning Jake into a pothead and constantly trying to make jokes about it was lazy writing by the creators and got old before Charlie got the ax. Finally...Ashton. The show is not the same and will never be the same with him in it. I do not find him funny. The only time I laugh when he is on screen is when Alan is with him and Alan is the one providing the dialogue. Patton Oswalt also helped bring comedy last night too, but Ashton just does not fit this show. When he isn't on screen and it focuses on Alan/Jake/Evelyn/Berta, the show is like the one of old. Also, the laziness of the writers show up again bringing back Ashton entering the kitchen naked, which was unnecessary and over done at the beginning of the season too.


Second, Alan's devolving character has gone beyond ridiculous. Because Charlie was his brother, it made sense for his ribbing and bashing of his leech-like behavior. However, for Walden/Zoey/Lyndsey to continue it and add more fuel to the fire, it just goes beyond feeling sorry for him and laugh-worth and moves to pathetic and ridiculous. Third, the show's lack of filling plot points in the finale and the last couple shows has been irritating. If Jake is now 18, Alan would no longer have to pay child support. With money being such a big issue with the cheapskate, you would think his birthday would have been a huge plotline and celebration, but it wasn't really even talked about. Jake even told Alan at the end that he wouldn't have to buy him clothes anymore because the army was taking care of it?! Again, once the child hits 18, the father no longer has to pay child support. Also, considering how many jokes were made at how dumb Jake was and how he would never graduate high school, they do not even make a big deal of that either?! They just show him and Eldridge, again, getting high and eating. Them getting stoned got old before Charlie got the ax! It's also very lazy writing not really developing Jake/Eldridge's characters as they have gotten older.


I have been a loyal Men fan since Day 1. I hated the fact that they decided to bring on another actor to replace Charlie and when it turned out to be Ashton Kutcher, I knew the show was not only not going to be the same, but it seemed doomed to fail. Now that the first Charlie-less season is over, and hopefully next year is the last, I wanted to voice my opinion on the finale and how the show has gone in general. First, with all the main cast members from the previous seasons appearing at the end and having flashbacks of different Jake moments as he grew throughout the show, it almost seemed like the writers had this planned as the series finale instead of the season finale. However, when CBS picked it up for the 10th season, they did not have enough time to rewrite that scene and kept it making us wonder how long Jake/Eldridge will last in the Army.

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Two and a Half Men Season 9 Episode 24 Quotes

Alan: This is serious; you will never amount to anything, if you sleep all day.
Walden: Morning.
Jake: I am sorry; I was just distracted by the naked billionaire that just woke up.

Don't worry about me, worry about our nation's enemies.