Vampire Diaries Season Finale Clip: Letting Go

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Yes, Elena you need to let one go.

As various Vampire Diaries spoilers have revealed by now, tomorrow night's season three finale will take us back to sophomore year for Elena, Matt and company, before any sexy Salvatore brothers entered their lives. Heck, when these two were still dating!

What will dreaming about this time in her life force Elena to realize: she cannot string Damon and Stefan along, she cannot make the same mistakes she made in the past. Simply put: she has to let one go. Which will it be? You can vote now between brothers.

Other questions that come to mind based on this clip: when in the finale does it take place? Why is Matt looking over Elena? Why did Tyler and Caroline get a call from their parents? Why does Stefan rush to his ex in a panic?

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Elena can't keep dying /nearly dying and coming back to life as a human, because the body count to keep her alive is too high, otherwise she should have turned at the end of season two. The writers need to decide whether or not she turns into a vampire and why, an accident, a choice, or in true Petrova fashion ie Katherine and Isobel she should have a baby (human of course)and then become a vampire, or become a vampire and live with the fact that she can never be a mother (no Twilight style pregnancies please). Please end the whole Klaus/ hybrid/ obsession with Elena's blood storyline, but keep the Originals around (except for Rebekah and Klaus). I also think its high time for a Tatia flashback / appearance because we haven't heard her side of the story.


Elena is not the only one that has changed. Stefan has changed as well, he is not the same Stefan we saw in part 1 and part 2. Damon is too possessive of Elena. Stefan lets her make her own decision. Stefan is the better man for Elena.


Lol, Matt (reviewer), have you already forgotten last week's show? Matt is watching over Elena because she was found passed out in Aleric's old room. Ditto why Stephan is rushing in in a mad panic. Caroline and Tyler got calls from their mom's because they have been outed by Aleric, probably a good time to scoot home and come up with a plan for when the town comes to lynch them all. I think the car goes off the bridge with Elena in it, and Matt as well. Matt dies, but that is no way the "hot mess of tragedy" Daniel Gilles is referring to, so maybe Elena has vampire blood in her (to heal her smashed up head), she dies in the accident (like parents did), and then has to decide if she will "complete the transition".


It doesn't matter who Elena chooses, it won't make her character any better. True story.


anyone thinks she'l get turned into a vampire??? i couldn't care less about who she chooses. i just hope they don't dare kill off klaus. klaroline forever!! LOL


God i really loved their first passioned kiss and i was shocked about Elena gazed at Damon in the motel. But then she stepped back to being a 18year old child. Really, she don`t know what she feels. Sorry honey. But i know exacly what you feel. If you are in love with somebody and than fell in love with a second guy, choose the second because you fell in love with him while lovin the first one. First duty of love. Bye the way, Elenas feeling won`t go away by choosing Stefan. That`s what i think, but i assume the show will go midway. She will choose her human life with a human boy.


Of course Damon! Stelena is so yesterday


I want Elaine to choice Damon. She more alive and is a stronger person. She has more chemistry with Damon. Move the show forward not backwards. She already, said she in loved with Damon. And, the only reason she fell in loved with Stefan because he is not alive. But,with Damon it is different. But,she also has chemistry with Elijah.She is stronger women with Damon. She a weak person with Stefan.


when in the finale does it take place?
Hopefully somewhere in the beginning. I don't like boring scenes in the last season finale minutes ;-) Why is Matt looking over Elena?
Uhm - because she collapsed last episode? And Jeremy and Bonnie are busy with something else (the latter being on the road with Damon, for example). Why did Tyler and Caroline get a call from their parents?
Badlaric told the council about the Lockwood werewolf and the Forbes vampire, so it's time for a little chat (DON'T LEAVE TOWN, FORWOOD). Why does Stefan rush to his ex in a panic?
Maybe Matt called him, saying that the damsel is in distress. AGAIN. But actually - I don't care at all. But I really don't get why some people say "stop watching" just because others are complaining about whatever. I mean - constructive criticism?! A fan who watches the show doesn't have to accept everything the writers do... I definitely don't! That's called freedom of opinion.

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