White Collar Season 4: First Footage!

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The new season of White Collar doesn't kick off until July 10, but USA has given fans a pretty clear idea of what's ahead.

"You're an FBI agent. I'm a con man. There are only a few ways this could have ended," Neil says to Peter in the following trailer, which reveals a great deal of footage from upcoming episodes.

Most notably, we see Peter placed on a leave of absence from the FBI and we also get a look at Mekhi Phifer as the agent tasked with bringing Neal to justice.

How far will Peter go to protect his friend? It's unclear, but the same doesn't hold true for Peter's mindset: "If anything ever happened to him, I don't think I could live with it," he says below.

White Collar Season 4 premieres on July 10 and you can catch up on White Collar Season 3 in our detailed section of episode guides, reviews, quotes, clips and more.

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Can you believe this isn't coming back until JULY?????!!!!
It's causing me to become severely depressed.
Now to watch a WC marathon!


OOOOOOOhhhhhhhh, i can't stand the waiting!!!!
mama mia, i need Neal back in NYC ASAP!!! i am so glad that Peter is so devoted to saving Neal, my Q is this, The agent that is tasked to find Neal, okay so he finds him then what? he can't knock him over the head and smuggle him into USA in a luggage bag! i am assuming that wherever Neal is, the country has no extradition treaty with the US! unless i am missing sth. but i hate hate hate when Neal is in trouble or sad or anything is bad for him, i want him happy, all the time!!


Is Sara still a part of the cast?


These show will get me throw the summer

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