Will Serena Derail Dan and Blair on Gossip Girl?

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The end of this week's Gossip Girl, combined with the official season finale synopsis and rumors circulating online, have fans buzzing about possible developments between Dan and Serena in the season finale.

Could Dan's ex and Blair's BFF come between the couple?

There are plenty of unconfirmed reports out there regarding this, but the only thing TV Line has to say on the topic is that "Blair and Serena’s friendship will be hanging by a thread when the season ends."

Or sooner than that, once S reveals her secret (see sneak peek from earlier).

Chair Casino Pic

Other Gossip Girl season finale spoilers involve a recent set photo of Chuck and Blair at what looks like a casino (see above). TV Line's Michael Ausiello may be shedding light on this image when he reveals:

"Without naming the exact location, I can confirm that a portion of the finale is set overseas. I can also confirm that at least one of these characters will be traveling to the destination in question: Chuck, Serena, Blair, Dan."

The real question is which one(s), and whether it pertains to the photo above. We're sure you have plenty of theories on this matter, as well as Serena's potential role in the future of Dan and Blair.

The CW's official synopsis for "Return of the Ring" says that when Gossip Girl goes after Blair as she’s never done before, Serena admits she may have unintentionally played an important role in B’s latest nightmare.

It also says that by episode’s end, Blair will (finally) make a choice between the two men in her life... will it be Chuck or Dan? What do you think? Vote and share your comments with us below:

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@thereal-R : I want Chair reunion so much too, but wouldn't it be too early, as far as there is a new and final (half) season ahead? As for now, honestly, I would like to see Blair fighting for Chuck for a while, because she's been treating him horribly in the episodes after the car accident. On another note, I was thinking what could Blair's worst nightmare be? And the only thing I thought was - Chuck and Serena as a couple!
Could that possibly connect to the spoiler about Serena's new love interest, being an already known character on the series? And as far as it's been announced there will be 2 guys in Serena's lovelife at the end of the season, could they be Dan and Chuck?
If that's so, it will be one of the most OMG moments on the show for quite a long time.
And as I may drown everyone's anger upon me, I would definitely enjoy seeing such a twist (at least more than seeing over and over "which one would Blair choose" )


Same story on repeat. Screw both chair and dair at this point, sick of the same story line over and over again. Give us a good episode like the last one, one that reminded me how witty and actually entertaining GG was. Not the same soap opera which is 'who will Blair choose?" honestly i couldnt give two hoots who the hell she ends up with anymore, because we been there done that . Finally for once writers in the whole of GG's life give Serena a storyline that doesnt make her a home-wrecker, whore, bitch. You could do it for Nate, so do it for her because taking away Blair and Serena ultimately is ruining the best ship of all!!


@lorrain i really hope your wrong! as a chair fan that would be the most frustrating finale scenario ever!!! why can't be just have chair!!! we haven't had them properly for 2 seasons ITS OUT TURN! i know these are peoples live we're dealing with and its not like blair can wake up one day and want chuck (although it has happened) but COME ON she loves that bass hole, and dan needs to GO AWAY


return of the ring? return of chuck's engagement ring to blair or return of louis' wedding ring?


Here is my predictions for the finale:
Since there is a 6th season ahead, this finale should end with many questions and cliffhangers.
So, I think Serena will post sth on GG that shows Chuck and Blair together. Dan gets jealous. C&B are in the casino with Jack to win back Chuck's business, but when Dan sees the blast he gets it that Blair is cheating on him. He goes to Serena, they have a sincere intimate 'friend' talk and he offers her to go with him in Rome. Someone posts a blast about that on GG so Blair heads off to Dan to tell him she wants to be with him, and there is nothing between her and Chuck, but it's too late. She and Serena have a fight. D&S set off together. Chuck's dealing with his business and the season ends with Blair alone - she made her choice(Dan), but it was too late. Of course, as a true Chair fan, I think that all this will be only for the big Chair reunion to happen in season 6 - happily ever after!!! :)


Chair all the way! Hopefully the boring couple known as Dair will end in the finale for good.


If Blair chooses Chuck, then that means she has to explain herself in the next season for stringing Dan along. I think both ships would appreciate that and possibly understand her character better. Dan gave her many chances to return to Chuck if she wanted to before pursuing their relationship. Thus, I donʻt think it would make any sense for her to choose Chuck. It would also mean that the last several episodes of Blair being with Dan were for nothing.


@Marissa, Blake was definitely sick during the last episode. You could tell in her voice.


Serena will not to break Dan and Blair, as we saw in the last episode the relationship between Dan and Blair is already on the road to ruin. The only question is when will Blair and Dan to understand and to separate. Serena do not deceived Blair about Dan, because Blair has already done to Serena about Dan! As for going abroad, I think of Rome (thanks @ Elisa), will go Serena and Dan, not Chuck and Blair. If reconcile Serena and Dan, they will go to Rome, for only thus can their love survive away from the UES. Chuck and Blair will stay in NYC. As for the friendship between Blair and Serena, already it was denied because the Blair seized from Serena the love of her life (Dan). If Blair stays with Dan, friendship between Serena and Blair is dead! Probably there will be some kind of showdown between Serena and Blair at the end of the season, but these two have always behaved like two sisters so that their friendship should survive. Or , to restore the 6 season?


Is Blake L. Sick or something? She looks sick and her voice sounds different?
Anyways where can I go to see these spoilers?

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