Will The Secret Circle Move to ABC Family?

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It's not exactly a magic spell, but a last-second save might keep The Secret Circle on air.

According to Carina MacKenzie of Zap2It, there's a chance - a "tiny shred of hope," as she Tweets it - that the canceled CW series might be resurrected on another network.

She cites ABC Family as the leading contender.

Light vs. Dark

Will this move actually take place? It's highly unlikely. Yes, Cougar Town will switch to TBS to season four, but these sorts of network pick-ups are complicated and rare.

Still, exciting to think about, no? Based on the TV Fanatic poll that asks which recently canceled show readers will miss most, the answer to the following question is rather obvious. But we'll ask anyway:

Would you watch The Secret Circle on ABC Family?

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please bring this show back . this film the best . listen what the fans want . thinking abaout that


BRING IT BACK!!!!! I LOVE this show with a passion. Its completely balanced in every way. Never failed to make you want more. Who in their right mind would discontinue such a great show. PLEASE!!!! BRING IT BACK!!!


I just need a 2 season, we all do. They let it end like "look, it will go on". There are thousands of disappointed and sad fans that want the secret circle back!
I love it way more than Vampire Diaries (it's too far away from book after four seasons)
Please, Please, bring it back :(


What is ABC or however waiting for, I just watched all 2 episodes, I so need to see Season 2, how the heck you gonna let it end with the other 4 witch siblings standing atop a hill...PLEEEEEASE move forward with Season 2!!!!


THE SECRET CIRCLE IT AWESOME!!! How could they have taken it off?!?!?!?!?!? The say the reason is because of budget with is the MOST STUPIDEST THING I HAVE EVER HEAR!!! If a mirical was given to me to change something on tv I would defiantly make it so the secret circle would have a season two and more seasons to follow. I admired that show and will never admire a show like that ever again. When I figured out the show was cancelled I call my friend and we got so mad and sad at the same time!!! Now what am I supposed to do after the vampire diaries on Thursdays? I don't know, BUT PLEASE MAKE IT COME BACK!!!!! I WOULD PAY A GREAT AMOUNT OF MONEY FOR THIS SHOW TO COME BACK!!!


Like, I'm not even kidding. Bring it back. No joke.


Please please please bring back the secret circle, love this show!!!!!!!!!




ABC, please bring back the secrets circle? You'll have mege loads of viewers to watch it and loyal one's to because we'll be loyal to you for bringing it back, its unfair for them to end the secret circle while it got to the best part ever. Pick it up from the start of the season 1 and continue from there, with season 3 onwards, you can tweek the stroyline to the way you think you'd get more veiwers? Please don't let us down, we won't let you down if you bring back the secret circle! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!


Please bring back The Secret Circle !!! It's the best show ever and there is so much more to tell there !! Also It is the best witch series since Charmed !!! Use your heads and listen to what the fans want for a change please !!! Thank You :)


Secret Circle Quotes

Oh for God's sake, spit it out! You're a witch. You're a full-blooded, hundred percent witch. We all are. There, done.


Cassie: Are you doing this?
Adam: We are.