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This will not be a very long review. I don't have much to say about Anger Management except this: I didn't laugh once. I cringed far more than I smiled, suffering through back-to-back episodes of painful jokes and obvious set-ups.

Then again, I've felt the same way every time I've watched a Two and a Half Men episode, so it's entirely possible that viewers who followed Charlie Sheen from CBS to FX are giving him a standing ovation right about now. I'd just love to hear why.

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As far as comeback vehicles go, Anger Management was probably the best Sheen could do. He plays a therapist trying to come to peace with his troubled past and learn from mistakes. The character allows him to almost apologize for real-life behavior on a weekly basis.

The best thing I can say about about the series is that, aside from the opening, it didn't force any meta jokes down our throat. The premise really takes care of that on its own. I would have turned off the television if there was a single line about "Tiger's blood."

Instead, it was one generic punch line after another, most based on sex and dating, with extreme examples of over-acting from everyone in Charlie's therapy group.

It's a very odd fit on FX, whose comedy leanings to date favor more edgier, far less conventional programs such as It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and the incredible Louie.

Again, I just can't much about this sort of show. I'm a television fan whose favorite sitcoms are Parks and Recreation, Community and 30 Rock. There's not a lot of overlap between the humor on those programs and the jokes laid out here.

So I'll use this as a forum for Sheen fans to commiserate instead: What did you think of the Anger Management premiere?


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I think Charlie was hilarious on 2 1/2 Men and I was sorry to see him ruin it with drugs and alcohol. I am disappointed in his attempt to make a comeback on his new sitcom. He has acquired a nasal twang and his words seem to run together so it is difficult to understand what he is saying. You can hear the canned laughter but you don’t know what he said that was funny. The never ending one liners make it difficult to decipher what he is saying with the twang and mumbling. Charlie needs to be reincarnated and go back to 2 1/2 Men where he belongs. Make it a dream sequence and he never actually died it was all just a bad dream.


I also didn't think the first few show were very funny, but it's definitely getting good. The August 16 show with Charlie's father was very funny and now I look forward to watching it. I love Charlie so continued. I'm so glad it's funny. It also took some time to get used to watching FX.


Sorry don't like it at all. Not funny. This reviewer is nuts to say 2 and a half men wasn't funny. Watched 4 episodes and didn't laugh once.


Terrible, so far this show is better than two and a half men ever hoped to be.


Diane nice product placment you tossa


I love the show, I do laugh with it, maybe not as much as with 2 1/2 but I still do laugh. I love him so I was looking forward to the show and I'm sticking to it. This show is definitely much better than the new 2 1/2 for sure! and the key to it is CHARLIE! I know that there are many people out there that are not that happy with this show but I'm also sure there millions of us that are enjoying it, especially all of us who love him, no matter what. Come on people, give him a chance...


I waited 9 months for this comeback. It is hideous. He is so brilliant and talented, he should be ashamed of himself subjecting us to this garbage. The supporting cast is also talented and they are terrible..Remember the bald guy in Northern Exposure...Shawna in Becker...Bret in her show? I can't even get thru another episode. Even the worst reality show is more entertaining than this offering. Russell Brand and Louie shows are excellent.


I gave it a chance but it's terrible. Sheen looks real bad(too much partying will age you friend) The writing is bad and above all ....It's not funny!!!!!!!!!!


This show is totally funny and cute! I think Charlie is so funny and I'm not sure why people say he looks bad. I mean, I bet half the people saying things about his aging look a million times worse then Charlie Sheen!! I think he looks great and the show is funny! I laugh out loud when I watch it!!!


That phony laugh track has me turned off, I cannot bear to watch the show.

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