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This will not be a very long review. I don't have much to say about Anger Management except this: I didn't laugh once. I cringed far more than I smiled, suffering through back-to-back episodes of painful jokes and obvious set-ups.

Then again, I've felt the same way every time I've watched a Two and a Half Men episode, so it's entirely possible that viewers who followed Charlie Sheen from CBS to FX are giving him a standing ovation right about now. I'd just love to hear why.

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As far as comeback vehicles go, Anger Management was probably the best Sheen could do. He plays a therapist trying to come to peace with his troubled past and learn from mistakes. The character allows him to almost apologize for real-life behavior on a weekly basis.

The best thing I can say about about the series is that, aside from the opening, it didn't force any meta jokes down our throat. The premise really takes care of that on its own. I would have turned off the television if there was a single line about "Tiger's blood."

Instead, it was one generic punch line after another, most based on sex and dating, with extreme examples of over-acting from everyone in Charlie's therapy group.

It's a very odd fit on FX, whose comedy leanings to date favor more edgier, far less conventional programs such as It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and the incredible Louie.

Again, I just can't much about this sort of show. I'm a television fan whose favorite sitcoms are Parks and Recreation, Community and 30 Rock. There's not a lot of overlap between the humor on those programs and the jokes laid out here.

So I'll use this as a forum for Sheen fans to commiserate instead: What did you think of the Anger Management premiere?


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Enjoyed the opening of the show... particularly the older man who was in the anger management therapy group. However, I did not like the character played by Selma Blair. She was awful. She's a talented actress but was not cast well in the role as Charlie's therapist. The producers should bring in a more quirky but attractive person as his therapist. ... Someone like Jenna Elfman who had a character role in Two and 1/2 Men. Also, his sex life is was way overdone. For goodness sakes, he's 50 years old now... Make it realistic!


I'm a fan of Charlie sheens and love two and a half men(not the new season with Ashton) however this show was pretty bad and I fell asleep. I will continue watching it maybe another episode or 2 and see but it's not Charlie sheens best.


I find it really funny that the people defending the show find it necessary to attack the reviewer, accuse the reviewer of having no sense of humor. It seems as if some of these people have anger management issues. I didn't watch it. I don't intend to watch it. I try not to reward bad behavior. That's just the way it is. And I probably have no sense of humor (thought I'd get that in before the attacks start) so it's probably better that I do NEVER see it. Given the reviews - I don't expect it to last long unless Sheen is working really cheap.


Charlie has gone on record as saying this will be his final acting role. So this is how he ends;not with a bang,but a whimper.


I am a huge Charlie Sheen fan and I thought the show was fantastic! This reviewer shouldn`t review shows if he doesn`t like this genre. He doesn`t know comedy and also his review is pitiful and makes no sense. Please find someone else to review this show. Charlie was absolutely amazing and I will continue to watch, thrilled he is back on the air!!
Still I wish he would return to Two and a Half men- That show the way it is now with Ashton is seriously awful!!!!!


I enjoyed Anger Management and enjoyed seeing Charlie again. I never watch two and a half men anymore and don't intend to. I don't care what this critic says, it has no merit for me.


I was and still am a HUGE 2-1/2 Men fan. I still watch the re-runs every night. I NEVER watch Aston Kutcher with him as "star"??? on the new 2-1/2 men. I don't know anyone that watches the "NEW" show. It is zero in comedy, rude and insulting to one's intelligence. Get rid of Aston Kutcher and bring back Charlie...Please. Ashton Kutcher is a fool - on the show and in real life. That's why they are back to showing him on the Canon commercials - duh! I expected "Anger Management" to be more like the old Bob Newhart, which it was not. I fell asleep watching it. It was poorly written and did not show Charlie Sheen's true brilliance and commanding performance. If the people on Two and 1/2 Men cannot bring back Charlie, then get him another show. This new show, "Anger Management" is not gonna make it. (My opinion).


It was OK. Too many cliche characters and jokes. I felt they created each character for a different type of audience and got lost trying to please everyone. I didn't care about any of them & lost interest.


I actually do counsel inmates in prison (Oregon State Penn), group with the inmates is more fun than Anger Management and inmates have a better sense of humor. Sorry Charlie.


When I read an article that uses terms such as "more edgier", I know I've stepped into an amateur site. Seriosult, if you are going to write anything and submit it for others to read, take a grammar class first. Second, I agree with other posters who say that anyone who was never a fan of the top comedy show (Two and a Half Men)on television for years, should recuse themselves from rating or reviewing this show and all comedies in general. I LOVED it! Was it a million laughs from beginning to end? No. But, what it did demonstrate, was a better version of Charlie's TAHM character. I'm still laughing over the beginning scene with the discussion between the young gay man and the retired vet over the picture of the gay man. It was actually played on the radio here, and even the djs couldn't stop laughing!

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